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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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Here's a look at all transactions made thorughout the XOFL Season:

Jess Petronaci
Petronaci becomes the first ever girl to join the league

Team Walmart: Signs Jess Petronaci, on May 10, 2005
Analysis: Petronaci is becoming the first girl to ever play an XOFL game come Opening Day.  Somehow I believe Team Walmart improved by this signing as Dan Scoppetta really was terrible.  Petronaci was given the chance to play when Dan Scoppetta was sidelined with a fractured wrist.
Hamburg Knights: Sign Andrew Kasa, On May 7, 2005
Analysis: Kasa will definately improve the Knights. He adds speed and a defensive threat to the team, something they lacked with Xhevat Vukel.  Besides being a shutdown corner Kasa will be hard to cover for any defender he matches up against. 

F9: Changes name to Hamburg Knights, On May 7, 2005
Analysis: F9 was a horrible name.  Since all three team members are from Hamburg the new name is fitting.  The dropping of the name "F9" is a positive for the entire XOFL.

League Champs:  Signs Xhevat Vukel, On May 2, 2005
Analysis: Vukel replaces Snover at WR for the Champs.  He played well in 3 games with F-9.  Look for this move to ignite the League Champs and improve their team.  They now have  2 of the biggest recievers in the league with Vukel and Steve Simmons.

League Champs: Jay Snover Retires, on May 2, 2005
Analysis: Snover retired because of undisclosed person reasons.

: Releases Xhevat Vukel, on May 2, 2005
Analysis: After he had secretly negotiated with another team, and threatened to quit the team, Brian Saxton decided it was best to cut ties with the troubled wide receiver.

La Policia: Signs Kevin Reidinger, of Ogdensburg, on April 30, 2005
Analysis: It's about time Reidinger signs with a team in the league.  He's been on the edge of joining the league for a few weeks now and joining up with Bobby Lang could form a dangerous team.  Now with Lang, Martinez, and Redinger, La Policia could be a major threat in the XOFL.
La Policia: Drops Joe Sanflippo, on April 30, 2005
Analysis: We all knew this was inevitable, as everyone knew that Joe would never show up.  It only took 2 preseason games for Bobby Lang to realize that Sanflippo would be a no-show constantly.  Hopefully his replacement shows up and can add a nice 3rd player to La Policia.
Team Walmart: Signs Dan Scoppetta, of Ogdensburg, on April 29, 2005:
Analysis: Not sure why they looked to Scoppetta for the answer, with other Free Agents such as Kevin Reidinger or Mike Pachella are still available.  Team Walmart will most likely move captain Rog Guild to QB with Rocky Tironi and Scoppetta at WR's.
Team Walmart: Releases Jeremy Carter, on April 29, 2005
Analysis: Captain Rog Guild decided it was time to make a move after his embarassing loss to the British Gentlemen, 44-0 in the preseason.  I thought Carter was a decent QB, but this team was in desperate need to make a move.
La Policia: Signed Kenny Martinez, of Hardyston on April 21, 2005
Analysis: Martinez is pretty athletic and could be a good signing for La Policia if he attends games.  Martinez has played football in high school and could help Captain Bobby Lang and La Policia come gamedays.