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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005


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Here are all of the updated rules for the XOFL


Section 1-Offense:
1.1-A team must get two, forward completions to get a first down.
1.2-You may run the ball but it does not count for a completion, only gained or lost yards.
1.3-A penalty on the offense results in a gain of a completion i.e. a false start on 1st and 2 would make the next play 1st and 3.
1.4-A penalty on the defense will result in a loss of a completion for the offense i.e. a pass interference call on the defense on 1st and 2 would make the next play 1st and 1.
1.5-NO yards will be given or taken away on penalties.
Section 2-Defense:
2.1-The defensive team will get one blitz per four downs. If the offense gets a first down, the defense will then get another blitz for the next four downs.
2.2-Any player can rush the quarterback after counting 5 Mississippi's or 7 Elephants, outloud.
2.3-You may bump the reciever for the first 5 yards, but may not touch him after that.
2.4-To bat the ball down as a cornerback, a player must attempt to look at the ball. They mat not put their hands straight up while not turning to look at the ball.
Section 3-Kickoff:
3.1-Each team will kick off from the "X" on the field.
3.2-If a kick goes out of bounds the ball will be placed where the ball first went out. The recieving team may also select for a rekick. You can only ask for one rekick, meaning the next kick will be the official one.
3.3-An onside kick must go at least 10 yards before recovered by the kicking team. There are lines on the field that will be marked for that purpose.
*3.4-The recieving may use the "Spot Pass" method. A player must catch the ball in the air, without a bounce, without moving his feet and he can choose to throw the ball forward, only without moving his feet at all, or run.
Section 4-Overtime:
4.1-Each team gets one chance from midfield to score.
4.2-Starting this year, teams will have a chance to get a first down in overtime. But, they must get 4 consecutive completions to earn that first down.
Section 5-Players Actions:
5.1-Captains are responsible for calling their players and making them aware of when their games will be played each and every week. They will also be responsible for their players actions.
5.2-1.If there is a swear word from one player on your team, there will be a warning, which is counted for both teams.
       2.On the second swear, that player will sit out the rest of the quarter, and their team will be forced to play with two players for the remaining quarter.
       3.On the third swear, the team will finish out the game, but will be forced to forfeit there next game.
5.3-There will be random steroid testing on every player in the league. If any player tests positive, they will be banned from XOFL for life.
5.4-The commissioner has the right to kick and player out of the game and make and other precautions necessary.
Section 6-Courtesy
6.1-When arriving to the field please ask the commissioner where to park.
6.2-When waiting for a game to end, you may sit on the commissioner's driveway and/or warm-up on the field (not on the grass) where the game that is going on isn't in that specific spot.
6.3-Respect other people's property. Do NOT sit or stand on any lawns, including the commissioner's. If you would like to watch the game that is going on, stand on the playing field behind the play.
6.4-Any breaking of these rules the commissioner will do what is necessary to stop it.
Section 7-Game Time
7.1-If there are four games in one day, you must arrive and leave at specific times.
 1. The first game will usually start at 12:00. Each team must show up at the exact time of their game, no earlier.
 2. When your team's game is over, you must leave immediately.
7.2-Most of the time there will be two games on both Saturday and Sunday.
1. On these days, teams that are playing can show up anywhere from 11:45 to the time right before their game.
2. Teams that are not playing on that day cannot come to watch the games, unless they get permission from the commissioner.
No players above the grade of the class of 2005 will be admitted into the league.