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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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Joe Byrne

Frank Elmuccio

Rog Guild

Who will be inducted into the Hall this season?

Tyler Wenz- Wenz is in the XOFL Hall of Fame for his huge role in Cereal Bowl I in 2003.  Wenz led his team, the Muskrats, to a Championship Game thriller, as he earned MVP Honors in the game as well.
Bobby Lang- Lang is in the Hall for his great play in the Title Game in 2003.  Lang showed the entire league he is a legitimate Quarterback, throwing for several Touchdowns to teammates Tyler Wenz, and Ryan Egan.
Ryan Egan- Egan is in the XOFL Hall of Fame for his stellar play in Cereal Bowl I, proving that he is worthy to be an XOFL receiver.  Throughout the season, Egan showed he had exceptional hands.
Joe Byrne- Byrne has made the XOFL Hall of Fame for winning Cereal Bowl II, in 2004.  Byrne played great football in the Championship Game, catching several touchdowns and playing great Defense.  He and his team held on to a 42-25 victory, as Byrne earned MVP Honors in the game.
Frank Elmuccio- Elmuccio is the XOFL Hall of Fame, as a great WR in Cereal Bowl II.  He is recognized in the league as a quiet player, who comes up big when needed. Elmuccio played well in the title game, earning him a spot in the XOFL Hall of Fame.
Rog Guild- Guild has made the XOFL Hall of Fame as he led his team to victory in Cereal Bowl II.  Guild played at QB and distributing the ball to Byrne and Elmuccio to help win the title game.

Ryan Egan

Bobby Lang

Tyler Wenz