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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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This is a list of all the awards that players throughout the league can win this season...

Tyler Wenz
Wenz earned Week 1 Player of the Week Honors with 23 Catches and 5 TD

Week 1 Honors:
- Player of the Week: TYLER WENZ, Ferdinand Magellan- Wenz had 23 Receptions, 5 TD Catches and 2 Defensive INT's in a 49-14 win over the Hamburg Knights.
- Offensive Player of the Week: JOE BYRNE, Ferdinand Magellan- Could have gone to Tyler Wenz, but Byrne enjoyed a big day at QB going 38 for 55, with 7 TD Passes, and just 1 INT, giving him a league high 106.1 QB Rating.
- Defensive Player of the Week: BOB LANG, La Policia /ROCKY TIRONI, Team Walmart: Both players had big defensive days, with 3 Interceptions a piece.
- Special Teams Player of the Week: None
- Play of the Week: Jessica Petronaci's first career XOFL Touchdown in Team Walmart's Week1 Victory 28-21 over La Policia. 
- Game of the Week: The first two games ended up being blowouts, so Team Walmart's 28-21 over La Policia wins this award by default.  The game included Jessica Petronaci's first ever TD, Rocky Tironi's 3 Interceptions, and a solid performance from Rog Guild at QB, earning him an 80.8 QB Rating.
Season Awards: (For Both North and South)
- MVP Award
- Offensive Player of the Year
- Defensive Player of the Year
- Special Teams Player of the Year
- Rookie of the Year
- Game of the Year
- Team of the Year
Postseason Awards:
- MVP of Postseason
- Offensive MVP
- Defensive MVP
- Special Teams MVP
- Best Game
- Best Play