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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Xhevat Vukel- League Champs

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WR Xhevat Vukel
Vukel will need to have a big year if the League Champs want to make a playoff run

Player Bio: Xhevat's entering his third season as a WR.  He  was just released by F-9 and quickly scopped up by the League Champs.  Vukel joins up with QB Eric Burns and could be Burns' main target on offense.  WR Steve Simmons is the other WR for the League Champs, combining to form a very tall, two WR set. 
Name: Xhevat Vukel
Position: WR
Acquired By: League Champs as a Free Agent
Height: 6'4"
Born: 10/2/88
Town: Ogdensburg
XOFL Experience: 3rd year
Playoff Record: Unknown
Cereal Bowl Record: 0-0
NFL Player Most Similar To: Randy Moss
Most Respected Players in the XOFL: British Gentlemen
Individual Season Goals: Help my team get into playoffs, and improve my hands hopefully impressing the right crowd and making my place as an all-star
Team Season Goals: Make the playoffs, hopefully by winning the North Conference
Individual Stats Prediction: 45 receiving TDs this season, 5 throwing
Team Stats Prediction: above .500, with some big wins over tough teams and hopefully the playoffs
Career Highlights: Unknown
Rival: Rog Guild
Strengths: Big target at 6'4 for QB Eric Burns.  Showed his hands are improving in Preseason Games.
Weaknesses: Defense, not quick at all, won't be able to stay with WR's.
Quote from Vukel: "I believe I am one of those underdog players who will make a few jaws drop this season.  I think I'm good for at least 4-5 TDs a game.  I know my past has shaped my future, but this season I'm looking to improve and help my team get into the playoffs."
Quotes on Vukel: "He's like a black man, he's got the rhymes, the charm, the mutt chops but he doesn't quite have the hops. He's a charmer with the ladies, he just can't have a girlfriend" - Rog Guild, of Team Wal-Mart
Did You Know...Xhevat is also a Muslim terrorist who happens to have the body of a Greek statue.