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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Rog Guild- Team Walmart

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TE Rog Guild
Guild feels he is underappreciated in the XOFL right now...he needs to have a big year

Player Bio:  Rog Guild is a returning 3rd year player in the XOFL and needs to have a big year to prove to the league that he is indeed worthy of being in the XOFL Hall of Fame.  Guild won a Cereal Bowl a year ago, as QB, with the Hooligans.
Name: Rog Guild
Position: TE
Acquired By: Team Walmart
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185
Born: 8/24/89
Town: Ogdensburg
XOFL Experience: 3 years
Playoff Record: 2-0
Cereal Bowl Record: 1-0
NFL Player Most Similar To: Jeremy Shockey
Most Respected Player in the XOFL: Travis and Tyler Wenz
Individual Season Goals: Catch most TD's for my team
Team Season Goals: I want to be 500, we have a tough league.
Individual Stats Prediction: A lot of receptions, TD's
Team Stats Prediction: Jeremy Carter throws me the ball.
Career Highlights: Won the Cereal Bowl II, moved from QB to Tight End
Rival: Nick Sabatello
Strengths: Does have an XOFL title, has experience in the postseason.
Weaknesses:  Lacks the speed that is essential in the XOFL.
Quote from Guild- "My team won't be the best, nor the worst, I think me being a Hall of Famer will be shown.  I will lead my team to 2 wins this season at least. Plus, I have the luck of the Irish and God on my side."
Quotes on Guild- ""Rog Guild is a speed demon.  No hes not.  Rog has a decent arm and pretty good hands.  His lack of speed makes him a pocket passer, a short yardage reciever, and a less than mediocre defender.  Rog and Tironi should combine for about 40 TDs this season."- Brian Saxton, of F-9
"Rog is just Rog. He breaks things constantly, he's slow, he's loud, he's a fat catholic loser. He's absolutely no threat on the football field whatsoever, but I strangely feel attracted to him. If there's one person in the XOFL to go gay for, it would be him."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia
Did You Know...that Guild feels underappreciated, even after leading his team to an XOFL title last year at QB.  Guild needs to have a big year to solidify his place in the XOFL Hall of Fame.