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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Team Wal Mart Team Page

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Team Walmart
This team must make some type of roster move to improve their chances this season

Players:    Jess Petronaci (1st year)     WR   
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Standings As of 4/19/05:
North Conference (Full Standings)
2. Knights                    (0-0)
3. League Champs    (0-0)
4. Team Walmart        (0-0)

WR Rocky Tironi
He's a swimmer, not a football player

Team Walmart Season Schedule:
Week 1: Blue Baracudas   
Week 2: TLA                    
           Week 3: British Gentlemen           
       Week 4: Knights                      
Week 5: La Policia            
                 Week 6: Ferdinand Magellan               
 Week 7: League Champs    
                    Week 8: British Gentlemen                     
     Week 9: Knights                     
Week 10: League Champs 

Jess Petronaci
Petronaci should actually improve this team

Team Headlines:

WR Rog Guild
Somehow Guild is in the XOFL Hall of Fame

Team Leading Statistics: 
WR Rog Guild: 0 Catches, 0 TD (1st in League)
QB Rocky Tironi: 0 TD Passes, 0 INT (1st in League)
CB Jess Petronaci: 0 INT, 0 TD (1st in League)

League Leaders:
TD Passes:                                        Defensive INT's
1. Adam Bowlby, BG- 0 TD            1. Joe Byrne, FM-         0 INT
2. Joe Byrne, FM-          0 TD             2. Travis Wenz, BG-  0 INT
3. Brian Saxton, F9 -     0 TD             3. Nick Sabatello, F9-  0 INT
     TD Receptions:                                      Receptions:
1. Nick Sabatello, F9-      0 TD         1. Brian Saxton, F9-     0 Rec.
2. Brian Saxton, F9-         0 TD         2. Travis Wenz, BG-   0 Rec.
3. Frank Elmuccio, BG, 0 TD        3. Nick Sabatello, F9-  0 Rec.

"We might not win many games...but we have team speed....ROG GUILD."- Rocky Tironi