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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

British Gentlemen vs. Blue Baracudas Recap

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The British Gentlemen
Wenz, Elmuccio, and Bowlby could be the greatest team in XOFL history

 British Gentlemen Cruise Again
Another easy win over the 'Cudas, 35-14
Ogdensburg, NJ-- The British Gentlemen (3-0), led by QB Adam Bowlby who was making his preseason debut yesterday, came out of the gate firing.  To begin the game, Bowlby was a scorching 14 for 15, with 2 TD Passes and a TD run of his own in the first half.  Bowlby ended the game going 18 for 22, 4 TD Passes, a TD Run, and added 3 Defensive Sacks for the British Gents'.  Frank Elmuccio and Travis Wenz each had 9 catches and 2 TD Receptions, while Elmuccio had a sack on Defense and Wenz added another INT, his 5th of the preseason.
                  Gil Tussey, in his first ever XOFL start, was not very sharp at all, continuing to force the deep ball that the British Gentlemen had covered so well all day.  Tussey ended up 9 for 19 in the game, with a TD Pass and a TD Run, and 1 INT.  He was sacked 4 times.  Tommy Babcock had 5 catches on the day, all coming in the second half, along with 1 TD.  Chris Killacky caught 4 balls for the Blue Baracudas.

QB Gil Tussey
Tussey didn't find the rythem with his teammates in his first XOFL start

            Throughout the game, Gil Tussey kept forcing the deep ball to Tommy Babcock, lauching 50+ yard bombs left and right.  However, the XOFL is not all about strength, as Adam Bowlby has proven for 3 years now.  Bowlby has no where near the arm of Tussey, but outplayed him yesterday with accuracy, control, and poise.  Tussey said, "I played piss poor trying to throw too many deep balls.  You also have to remember this was my first XOFL start so I had to get a feel for the league and my own players.  I need to use Killacks more though I neglected him and I feel that is the main reason why our offense was so poor.  It was our first game so u have to give us a little time to gel.  Once we get into mid-season form I feel we will be a top competitor.  I put all the blame from yesterdays game on myself, but you have games like that so it's in the past and look out for the 'Cudas in the future."  If you remember, the British Gentlemen were Tussey's main target a few weeks ago, taking shots at both WR Frank Elmccio and QB Adam Bowlby.  The two teams meet in Week 3 of the Regular Season

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