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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Adam Bowlby- British Gentlemen

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Adam Bowlby
Captain of the British Gentlemen, Bowlby could have the greatest single season in XOFL History

Player Bio: Adam Bowlby has proven himself on the XOFL field in the past two seasons and has proven he is a top Quarterback in this league.  Bowlby has always been an integral part of all Ogdensburg Sports and excelled in all leagues.  Bowlby is the captain of, what could be the greatest team in XOFL History, and will play a crucial role on the team, serving as their QB.
Name: Adam Bowlby
Position: QB
Acquired By: Team Captain
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 140 Lbs
Born: 8/29/89
Town: Ogdensburg
XOFL Experience: 3rd Year
Playoff Record: Unknown
Cereal Bowl Record: 0-1
NFL Player Most Similar To: Jake Plummer
Most Respected Player in the XOFL:Tyler Wenz
Individual Season Goals: Offensive Player of TheYear
Team Season Goals: Cereal Bowl Champions
Individual Stats Prediction: 50 Td's passing 5 TD's running
Team Stats Prediction: 65 TD's, 20 INT's
Career Highlights: Beating the Vikings in "The Greatest Game in XOFL History" Winter XOFL Season I
Rival: Any team Brian Saxton is on
Strengths: Pocket Pressence, Poise, Knows how to win games
Weaknesses: No major ones, maybe a little lackadaisical on Defense at times though
Quote from Bowlby- "Danger is my middle name."
Quotes on Bowlby- "Adam Bowlby is among the elite players of the league.  He is feared defensively and offensively.  He can pick off passes easily with his long monkeylike arms and haul in passes like a machine.  I think that Bowlby will be at the top of most stat categories this season and will be a tough player to contain."- Brian Saxton, of F 9
"Hes like a general on a battlefield. He comands the offense calmly and efficietnly. Great athlete who knows what hes doing in the pocket, he always figures out the defense and finds the gaps and holes. His throw is extremeley accurate and his long ball is underestimated by the rest of the league."- Frank Elmuccio, of the British Gentlemen.   
Did You Know...that Adam Bowlby was an exceptional Ace Pitcher in the OWBL a few seasons back, striking out a whopping 16 batters in a single game. 

"He is a chestless, no good, ugly coward, who im going to shutdown come gametime and Chad and my goldfronts will shut him down."- Chris Killacky on Adam Bowlby