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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Ferdinand Magellan vs. La Policia Recap

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Joe Byrne
Byrne continued his ridiculous preseason yesterday

 Byrne Dominates Once Again
Selepouchin opens eyes as sub in XOFL debut
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Joe Byrne just continued his dominating preseason yesterday, leading his team to a 35-14 victory over La Policia.  Byrne went 18 for 22 yesterday with another 4 TD Passes in the game.  He also caught 8 balls, with 1 TD Reception.  Byrne is now 47 for 65 in the preseason, with 11 TD Passes, and just 1 INT.  He also has 5 TD Receptions.  Nick Selepouchin, subbing for the absent Tyler Wenz, definetly opened some eyes in his debut catching 12 balls, 2 for Touchdowns and going 6 for 9 with a TD Pass at QB.  Selepouchin also had a defensive INT for Ferdinand Magellan.  Ryan Egan caught 8 balls with 1 TD and had an INT on defense as well.
                Bobby Lang, of La Policia, had a tough day going 10 for 19 with 2 INT's, and just 1 TD Pass.  He also had 1 catch on the day, a TD from Kenny Martinez.  Adam Bowlby, subbing for the absent Joe Sanflippo, caught 4 balls, 1 for a Touchdown, and had a defensive Sack as well.  Kenny Martinez had a quiet day, catching only 6 passes, and threw 1 TD late in the game.

Bob Lang and Ken Martinez
These two didnt connect as they did a week ago, but come the regular season, they could be dangerous

               Bobby Lang stated, "It's still only preseason and we have to work out the kinks in our defense. And the other reason we did bad is because Ferdinand Magellan is the best team in the XOFL. I don't think they'll lose one game this season. I hope by some miracle they lose in the playoffs and we won't have to face them twice," after the game.  Lang is 26 for 41 with 6 TD Passes and just 1 INT in 2 Preseason Games.  La Policia is now 1-1 in the preseason, while Ferdinand Magellan is 1-0.

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