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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Nick Selepouchin- TLA

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QB Nick Selepouchin
Selepouchin and Co. become first every All-Hardyston team to join XOFL

Player Bio:  Rookie Nick Selepouchin enters the league joined up with Paul Palecek and Jeff Pospiech.  He is captain of the first ever All-Hardyston team in the XOFL and will play Quarterback for TLA.  Selepouchin has played football in high school both in his freshman and sophmore years, excelling on JV and practice teams.  Selepouchin could have an immediate impact in the XOFL.
Name: Nick Selepouchin
Position: QB
Acquired By: TLA
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 150
Born: 4/26/89
Town: Hardyston
XOFL Experience: Rookie
Playoff Record: 0-0
Cereal Bowl Record: 0-0
NFL Player Most Similar To: Phil Simms
Most Respected Player in the XOFL: No one
Individual Season Goals: Offensive Player of the Year
Team Season Goals: Cereal Bowl Champions
Individual Stats Prediction: 50 TD Passing, 5 TD Running
Team Stats Prediction: 65 Touchdowns, 20 Defensive INT's
Career Highlights: None
Rival: British Gentlemen and Ferdinand Magellan
Strengths: Knowledge, Selepouchin knows the game and how it should be played.  He and TLA could suprise some teams in the league, and maybe even gain a playoff berth.
Weaknesses:  Inexperience, Size...Selepouchin has never even seen an XOFL game and lacks the game experiences.  Also only 5'6'', could have some matchup problems on defense.
Quote from Selepouchin- "I'll see you ladies at the 'Ship."
Quotes on Selepouchin- "I like the competition of a fellow irishman, he's a good representation (unlike Bob Guild). I look forward to crushing him on the gridiron."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia 
Did You Know...that Selepouchin is teamed up with Jeff Pospiech and Paul Palecek, forming the first and only all-Hardyston team ever in the XOFL.