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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Intersquad Preseason Game Recap

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Byrne had a big day at QB, throwing for 4 TD's

 Byrne Dominates in Intersquad Game
Puts up huge numbers over mix of players from around the league
Ogdensburg, NJ-- In the final game game of a big preseason day in the XOFL, Joe Byrne went 13 for 20, with 4 Touchdown Passes.  He also added a defensive interception and somehow recovered an Onside Kick late in the game and returned that for a score as well.  His team won the game 42-14.  Tommy Babcock added 8 catches on the day, and had 3 TD receptions.  Chris Killacky had a big game as well, with 5 catches, 1 TD, a Defensive INT in which he score on.

Joe Byrne
Byrne shown here "doing the dew" with his mullet fully intact

           Nick Sabatello came in for Rocky Tironi late in the game and threw his first ever TD Pass.  He also threw a gross INT to Joe Byrne. Kenny Martinez had 4 catches and 1 TD reception in the game.  Rocky Tironi and Brian Saxton combined  to go 4 for 7 with 1 INT thrown in the game.