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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Nick Sabatello- F-9

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WR Nick Sabatello
Sabatello is the most controversial figure in XOFL history

Player Bio: Nick Sabatello, as you all know, broke the Age Barrier a few week's ago, winning a league vote 11-4 to join the league.  Sabatello is not the fastest or the quickest player in the league, but will play hard and determined to win each and every week.  Sabatello is joined with Captain Brian Saxton and 2nd year player, WR Xhevat Vukel.  Sabatello will most likely play both Quarterback and Wide Receiver for F-9 this season.
Name: Nick Sabatello
Position: TE/QB/LB/CB
Acquired By: Free Agency
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 200
Born: 4/12/87
Town: Hamburg
XOFL Experience: Rookie
Playoff Record: 0-0
Cereal Bowl Record: 0-0
NFL Player Most Similar To: Todd Heap/Mark Brunell/Dexter Coakley/Terrell Buckley
Most Respected Player in the XOFL: Tyler Wenz
Individual Season Goals: Rookie of the Year
Team Season Goals: Win the Cereal Bowl
Individual Stats Prediction: None
Team Stats Prediction: Make the Playoffs
Career Highlights: Receiving the phone call from the Commissioner that I won the vote
Rival: Every Bob (Guild, Lang)
Strengths:  Plays hard, determined, and motivated to win.  Would love nothing better than to win a championship after winning a league vote to gain entrance into the XOFL.
Weaknesses: Definetly is not the fastest, could even be a little slow at times on the field.
Quote from Sabatello- "To be a leader, you have to make people want to follow you, and nobody wants to follow someone who doesn't know where he is going." 
Quotes on Sabatello- "Ive never actually seen him play but im ecpecting him to be the best player on his team. If he has a huge season this scum... i mean team... might turn out to be around .500."- Adam Bowlby, of the British Gentlemen
"It may be his first season in the league, but I believe he has the ability to be a playmaker in the XOFL."- Ryan Egan, of Ferdinand Magellan
Did You Know...that Sabatello actually had his own article "Bringin' the Heat" back in the OWBL days.  His articles gained much recognition throughout the league and Sabatello has been looking to get into the Ogdensburg Sports scene ever since.

"I see no talent in the kid, yea hes a varsity stat keeper, but then again so is Deb Hyland so  he's truely in elite company there.  You say im gonna have a slow 40,  you need a sun dial to clock him.  His combine stats should be hiliarious.  He should stick to writing for the school paper."- Gil Tussey, on Nick Sabatello.