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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

La Policia vs. F-9 Game Recap
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Rookie Kenny Martinez had 8 catches and 1 TD catch in his XOFL debut

Lang, Martinez Looks Sharp in Preseason Opener
Martinez shows off exceptional hands in XOFL debut
Ogdensburg, NJ-- In the fist game of five, La Policia took care of business Monday afternoon, soundly defeating F-9 by a score of 35-0.  In the game, Captain Bobby Lang led the team at Quarterback going 16 for 22, with 5 Touchdown Passes, while first year player Kenny Martinez impressed many by catching everything QB Bobby Lang threw to him.  Martinez ended up with 8 receptions and 1 Receiving Touchdown on the day.  Joe Byrne of Ferdinand Magellan subbed in for the absent Joe Sanflippo, and pitched in heavily for La Policia catching 4 Touchdown Passes and had 8 receptions on the day. 
              F-9 had a tough time moving the ball on offense, going the whole first half without even completing a pass.  Brian Saxton was 5 for 23 in the game and thre 2 Interceptions.  Xhevat Vukel led the team with 4 receptions and Nick Sabatello added a reception as well.

Bobby Lang looked sharp in the victory, throwing for 5 TD Passes

After the game, Captain of La Policia, Bobby Lang said, "La Policia looks ready for opening day. I actually didn't relize that Kenny Martinez was that good when I signed him. He caught EVERYTHING. 5-5 my ass."

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