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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Brutally Honest with Ted Sanson
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QB Brian Saxton, of the Hamburg Knights


Brutally Honest- Talking Tough with Ted Sanson
Hello XOFL readers!  I am here with 2nd year veteran QB Brian Saxton of The Hamburg Knights.  But first I would like to introduce myself.  Hello.  My name is Theodore Sanson and most call me either Teddy or Ted.  I am from Hamburg and I am a sophomore at Wallkill and I am an honest kid who isn't afraid to tell it like it is.  I hope all of the XOFL fans enjoy my journalism and I hope that the XOFL continues to flourish and expand, eventually maybe into third-world countries such as Albania and Azerbaijan.
T:  So Brian, what are you most excited about for the upcoming XOFL season?
B:  This upcoming season is going to be a great one.  With the expansion of the league to all towns, it allows a lot of kids who were always outsiders looking in to go out and enjoy the league.  This year's preseason went fairly well and a few rivalries between players and teams have already sparked.  I'm really looking forward to just going out there, playing and having fun in hopes to lead my team to a title.
T:  What do you have to say to all of the naysayers out there (including myself) that think you cannot play QB to save your life?  How will you prove us wrong?
B:  All I have to say to that is that it was preseason.  Only a few of the games I played with my full team, which really isn't the same team that we have currently.  We've improved greatly with the acquisition of Andrew at the WR slot which will help me out.  It really doesn't take a lot of QB talent to succeed in the XOFL.  Gil is probably the most talented QB in the league, and he also struggled in preseason.  I'm not saying that I'm going to dominate every stat category, but I will say that I'll get the job done and win games.
T:  Brian, what team do you think is going to give you the most trouble down the stretch?
B:  Well I don't see us having trouble with any teams really.  I don't think there are any teams out there that we can't handle, but I'd say the British Gentleman out of respect for their team.  They've shown the league how dangerous they are and deserve the #1 ranking so far and could give us a little trouble, but not enough to kill us
T:  So I take it you see your team as a contender for Cereal Bowl III?
B:  Yes definitely, we just gotta win some big games here and there.  We've improved tremendously offensively and defensively with Kasa, and we'll be able to stick with some of the leagues elite teams this season and go far into the playoffs.  Considering we have never played together and most other teams have, we did fairly well in the preseason and it can only go north from there.
T:  You speak highly of the acquisition of WR/DB Andrew Kasa.  Do you think his contributions will be more on the offensive or defensive end of the game?
B:  Kasa's signing has definitely made us a top contender this year.  He's an upgrade from Vukel at WR, who was very talented to begin with, he adds speed to our team which we lacked, and he's easily one of the top defensive players, if not, the best in the league.  His contributions will be felt offensively, but even more defensively.
T:  What is your team's biggest weakness?
B:  I don't see our team having many weaknesses at all besides lack of speed.  Kasa has good speed and Sabatello and I have mediocre speed.  It shouldn't really play much of a factor in our offense, but defensively we'll have to work around it.
T:  Ok, with that said, do you see your team making any trades or free agent acquisitions to improve your overall team speed?  By the way, I think I might think about hitting the open market, and as we all know I can really turn on the jets when I have my PF Flyers on.
B:  No, I see this being the final roster for the Hamburg Knights.  We've made our necessary changes and are set for the season.
T:  Ok.  Now I'll get to the most important question of this segment:  Do I have a shot with your sister?
B:  Well recently we've made a bet at our lunch table about your status with this unknown female.  If my sister the girl you're talking about, I'd say you have a very good chance at it.
T:  That's what I thought.  On a more serious note, what are your predictions for the Knights this year?
B:  This year the Knights will be an above .500 team.  We will shock most teams, make the playoffs, and we'll go pretty deep into them as well.
T:  So you are saying playoffs or bust?
B:  Well I really can't see us not making the playoffs with team Wal*Mart in our division.  It's just a matter of what seed we get.
T:  Yes or no question.  Will The Knights make the playoffs?
B:  Yes.
T:  Now that is what I want to hear!  Where do you see the XOFL in 20 years?
B:  I don't think that the XOFL will be around then.  I see it ending in 2007 unless younger classman decide to form teams and keep it alive.
T:  That's a tough thought for me to stomach.  Who would you say is the best looking writer on the XOFL website?
B:  Well since JJ has a little fling with Adam, I won't say him to upset Bowlby, Nick is a slob, so that leaves me with you Ted.
T:  Let's play a little word association; just say the first thing that comes to mind.  Xhevat Vukel.
B:  Dirty towel headed Muslim Terrorist.
T:  JJ Conrad
B:  Homerun Hitter
T:  Rog Guild
B:  Slow Irishman
T:  That wraps up the word association segment.  In conclusion, I would like to ask you if you would like to see any rule changes in the XOFL?
B:  I don't think that the XOFL really needs any rule changes as of now.  I do think that the cursing rule is needed, but the consequences should be lessened to a quick beating, not suspensions.
T:  One more question.  Who is more attractive, your ex-girlfriend Jackie Cuomo or Rog Guild with long hair?
B:  I've heard enough of that question every day, so I'm going to end this interview now.  But, I'd have to go with Guild.
T:  Well, that concludes this interview and I must say that it was a pleasure to interview you and you are a gentlemen and a scholar.  Thank you for your time and as a fellow Hamburger I wish you and the Knights all the best this season.
B:  Thanks it's been a pleasure.
T:  Oh, I almost forgot, tell Katie I'll be there in 10 minutes.  And believe me, that will be a pleasure!
B:  I won't forget.  But please, lay up on the sister jokes.
T:  It is all in good fun my friend.

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