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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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Showdown with TLA this week

Week 1 should kick off season with a bang
GAME 1: British Gentlemen (0-0) vs. TLA (0-0)
In what could have easily been this weeks Game of the Week, top-ranked British Gentlemen square off with TLA, led by rookie Nick Selepouchin.  TLA WR's Paul Palecek and Jeff Pospiech will both be making their very first XOFL appearence Sunday, while WR Frank Elmuccio and WR/CB Travis Wenz, along with Captain QB Adam Bowlby look to begin their quest to solidify themselves as the best XOFL team in league history.  Bowlby looked sharp in his one game preseason, while Frank Elmuccio showed why he is one of the league's most highly regarded WR's, catching 32 balls in 3 games, leading the league in receptions.  Travis Wenz should have a big defensive day in the secondary providing interceptions at big moments.  Captain of TLA, Nick Selepouchin has been asking for respect all preseason, and I like the kids' determination, but come Sunday afternoon, I think the British Gentleme will just be too much for TLA to handle, but TLA may put up some decent offensive numbers.  Final Word: British Gents' just too good...  British Gentlemen 70-- TLA 49
Game 2: Ferdinand Magellan (0-0) vs. Hamburg Knights (0-0)
In the Game of the Week, #2 ranked Ferdinand Magellan face the Hamburg Knights, what could be a possible Week 1 upset if Ferdinand Magellan isn't careful.  Captain Joe Byrne had a scorching preseason, yet did not play 1 single game with his full lineup, as WR Tyler Wenz did not even make an appearence.  Opposite WR, Ryan Egan, had a quiet preseason, but has experience and knows what to do in a big game situation.  QB of the Hamburg Knights, Brian Saxton, threw a ridiculous amount of times this preseason, and competed around 50% of his passes, not nearly enough to survive in the XOFL.  He will need to cut down the turnovers (8 INT's in preseason) and complete more passes (52% Completion %).  TE Nick Sabatello showed he has good hands for the league and is the team's vocal leader on the field.  Newcomer Andrew Kasa, just recently signed several days ago, should have an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball, which is something they lacked in several weeks ago, making the departure of Xhevat Vukel very important.  In the end, I think this game will be closer than everyone thinks it will be.  Final Word:  Byrne and Co. too much for Knights to handle...  Ferdinand Magellan 56-- Hamburg Knights 49
Game 3: Blue Baracudas (0-0) vs. Team Walmart (0-0)
Now ANY team that plays Team Walmart has the most pressure on them throughout the entire season, due to the fact that Jessica Petronaci is a member of Team Walmart.  Whoever loses to Team Walmart, and there WILL be a team that loses, will not soon forget about it and will instantly become the laughingstock of the league.  The Blue Baracudas, led by WR/Captain Tommy Babcock, will need to take advantage of Babcock's speed and quickness, especailly on the deep ball.  However, the question remains whether or not Gil Tussey will be showing up tomorrow.  In any case, someone will be throwing the ball to Babcock and will need to use his speed as an advantage.  WR Chris Killacky plays a supporting role to Babcock, but does have good hands and Team Walmart should not leave Killacky open in big situations.  Team Walmart could show a little spark once in a while, by QB/WR Rog Guild, and don't expect much from Rocky Tironi, he can't do much at all except swim.  Final Word: Could be a boring game, but I'll go with Blue Baracudas 49-- Team Walmart--28
Game 4: League Champs (0-0) vs. La Policia (0-0)
Commissioner Joe Byrne confirmed Saturday Night that La Policia WR Kenny Martinez would not be in attendance in the Season opener.  Captain Bobby Lang and WR Kevin Reidinger must step up and not allow a Week 1 stumble, and fall to the League Champs.  Lang had a good preseason, while Reidinger has not played in a real time game yet this preseason.  Whoever subs for La Policia will need to step up and provide the spark that Martinez supplied.  The League Champs could be dangerous, as they have a ridiculous amount of size in WR's Steve Simmons and Xhevat Vukel, and a decent QB as well, in Eric Burns.  This could be a very interesting game, as both teams will need to play well in order to beat the other.  Final Word: Just a guess, but this game will go into OT... La Policia 56-- League Champs--49 in 2 OT

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