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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

5 Games You Wont Want to Miss
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The British Gentlemen
The Gents are involved in a few games to watch this season as they could the greatest XOFL team ever

 Schedule Released
A look at 5 Games You Won't Want to Miss

Ogdensburg, NJ-- Opening Day didn't even have to come for many players and teams around the XOFL, as several rivalries have began already.  Rog Guild vs. Nick Sabatello...Gil Tussey vs. the British Gentlemen... TLA against the whole league...Xhevat Vukel and The Knights, and more. Here's a look at 5 Games in the XOFL that you will not want to miss....
Game 1: Week 1- British Gentlemen vs. TLA
TLA Captain Nick Selepouchin has been asking for respect even before his nice preseason XOFL debut, catching 12 balls, 2 TD's, while also throwing for a TD as well, yet his 2 other teammates (Paul Palecek, Jeff Pospiech) have been no shows at all preseason dates.  However, Selepouchin assures myself and the rest of the league that TLA is for real and they will be a force in the league (Selepouchin has predicted TLA 7-3 this season).  They open up with what could be the greatest XOFL team in history, the British Gentlemen.  Captain Adam Bowlby will look to continue his excellent play from the preseason 18 for 22, 4 TD, 0 INT in 1 game), while #1 WR Frank Elmuccio led the league in receptions with 32 in 3 games.  CB Travis Wenz had 5 INT's with 2 defensive TD's and will look to bring it all in Week 1 against TLA.  If TLA wants my respect, they will need to play this game close.
Game 2: Week 4: Knights vs. Team Walmart
This will be the first matchup between Nick Sabtello and Rog Guild after the preseason incident where both plays were involved in a shoving match.  Sabatello has stated that Comissioner Joe Byrne saved Guild's life by breaking the fight up, while Rog Guild just hates Sabatello's guts.  This matchup went into 4 OT ths first time in preseason, but I think The Knights will come out with a stronger performance and should win this game.  QB/WR Rog Guild needs to have a big game if they want to beat this Knights team.

Game 3: Week 5: British Gentlemen vs. Ferdinand Magellan
This game could be a preview of Cereal Bowl III, as both teamed are ranked in the top 2 in my Preseason Power Rankings.  Both teams looked sharp in their games this preseason, and Tyler Wenz, arguably the best player in XOFL History, has yet to show up for Ferdinand Magellan.  This week 5 matchup will be an intense game as both teams are loaded with offensive firepower.  Any team will be able to score at anytime, as all players are extremely athletic on both sides.  Captain Joe Byrne looked sharp this preseason, as he is in the top half of many of the stat leaders. 

Game 4: Week 6: Blue Baracudas vs. British Gentlemen
QB Gil Tussey has taken shots at 2 of the British Gentlemen players, Adam Bowlby and Frank Elmuccio.  Tussey stated that Elmuccio was "a little girl who plays soccer" and Bowlby "doesn't have an arm."  Tussey did not look sharp at all in his preseason matchup with the Gents', yet it was his first XOFL Game ever.  WR Tommy Babcock has shown he has the speed to succeed in the XOFL, yet did not click with QB Gil Tussey in their one game together.  WR Chris Killacky will need to step up and play a major role if this team wants a shot to beat the British Gentlemen.  Defensively is where the 'Cudas could struggle, as the British Gentlemen, led by QB Adam Bowlby, will not be able to contain both WR Frank Elmuccio and WR Travis Wenz.
Game 5: Week 9: Ferdinand Magellan vs. Blue Baracudas
This game could possibly be deciding a #1 Seed in the South Conference if the Blue Baracudas' offense begins to click and QB Gil Tussey plays the way he is capable of playing.  If both teams get on a roll during the season, this game will have major playoff implications.  Ferdinand Magellan, led by Captain Joe Byrne, looked sharp in the preseason, even without star Tyler Wenz.  Watch for this game to play a major role in playoff seedings, as long as the Blue Baracudas live up to their preseason rank of #3 team in the XOFL.
Honorable Mention:
Week 8: League Champs vs. Knights (Xhevat Vukel gets a chance to show what F-9 had a chance to have)
Week 9: Knights vs. Team Walmart (The rivalry between Sabatello and Guild may never die)....
Week 10: Ferdinand Magellan vs. TLA (If the Week 9 matchup against the Cudas doesnt matter, this one may)

Rog Guild
Guild is still awaiting his Week 4 matchup with Nick Sabtello and F-9

QB Gil Tussey
Tussey needs to have a big season in order to back up all the trash talking he did this preseason