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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Jeff Pospiech- TLA

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WR: Jeff Pospiech
Pospiech will need to have a big year if TLA wants to make some type of playoff run

Player Bio:  Jeff Pospiech is an XOFL rookie and is teamed up with Captain Nick Selepouchin and WR Paul Palecek.  Pospiech is a soccer star but will need to come up big for TLA if they want to have a good season and be a dangerous team in the XOFL,
Name: Jeff Pospiech
Position: WR
Acquired By: TLA
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 145
Born: 1/28/88
Town: Hardyston
XOFL Experience: Rookie
Playoff Record: 0-0
Cereal Bowl Record: 0-0
NFL Player Most Similar To: Reggie Wayne
Most Respected Player in the XOFL: Joe Byrne
Individual Season Goals: 10 INT's, 2 returned for TD
Team Season Goals: Playoff Team
Individual Stats Prediction: 30 TD Catches
Team Stats Prediction: We will make the playoffs
Career Highlights: None
Rival: British Gentlemen
Strengths: He's a good soccer player, and I don't know much more.  We will all have to wait and see if Pospiech brings any real skills to the XOFL.
Weaknesses:  How many are there?? He's a talented soccer player, but that could be it.  He hasn't shown up to one XOFL event and even if he does show, there is no guarantee that he will possess any skills needed to succeed in the XOFL.
Quote from Pospiech- "I dont know why you kids think I'm not gonna show...I'll be there and ready to play."
Quotes on Pospiech- "I play soccer with Jeff, stick to soccer jeff you suck at football. TLA is the biggest joke i've ever seen."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia