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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Sunday Conversation- Nick Sabatello
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Nick Sabatello
Sabatello has 31 catches this preseason, just 1 behind the leader

Nick Sabatello is an XOFL rookie, but has performed well this season, especially on offense, where he considers himself a TE.  He has 31 receptions, with 2 TD catches.  He also is playing well on the defensive side of the ball, with 2 Sacks and 2 INT's. 

JC: Alright Nick, Welcome to my Sunday Conversation, I see you are having a nice preseason so far.

NS: Thanks, but actually we are playing pretty mediocre.

JC: Yea, I see you pulled off a 4 OT win over Team Walmart...How did you manage only 4 TD's on them?

NS: We struggled in that game. Thats not the type of game we want to have, we just turned the ball over too much. Plus the chemistry wasn't there, we had already played 3 games with Xhevat, and he couldn't make it for that game.

JC: Your QB Brian Saxton is having an up and down preseason (55 for 102, with 9 TD, 8 INT in 5 Games)...How are you going to try and control his turnovers, as they prove so costly in a close XOFL game?

NS: Well for one as receivers we have to get open for him. Besides that theres not much we can do but support him, and let him know when he's doing a good job, and also let him know when he's playing like garbage.

JC: How would you rank your performances in ur 5 games played...You seem to be pretty high up there in all the stat categories, but also have played more games than anyone else in the league.

NS: I think I played alright... There's things I need to work on, but overall I'm pleased with my performances. The thing iIm most disappointed about is that we have 2 losses, and that one of our victories came in 4 OT's against Team Walmart.

JC: In that wild 4 OT win, you and Rog Guild had a heated exchange...Care to go in depth with what happened?

NS: I've told you already what happend. He was upset about calls, and started going hard to head of some of my players. So i gave him a stiff arm when i was running the ball going into the end-zone, he didn't like it. He got in my face, i pushed him out of my face. Then Joe broke it up.

JC: Did Joe Byrne save Guilds life?

NS: You could say that. He also saved me from being suspended.

JC: Just for fun, whats your 40 time gonna be tomorrow?

NS: Haha, its no secret that I'm not the fastest kid out there, so don't be expecting me to come in the top 10 in 40 times. But they don't keep score by who's team has the fastest players. I'm just gonna make sure I don't get hurt.

JC: You have 31 receptions in 5 games, 1 behind WR Frank Elmuccio, who has played 2 less games than you...What can you say about that accomplishment?

NS: Frank is the best receiver in the league. Hopefully by mid season after i get a couple more games under my belt i can narrow the gap a little.

JC: You guys had the chance to keep the game against the British Gentlemen close, but allowed Ken Martinez to score right before half, and Saxton threw a pick on the first play in the second half...How do yoou expect to challenge the British Gents' come the regular season?

NS: I don't know, right now we have to focus on the 'Cudas. Ken Martinez played well in that game and has done a very good job this pre-season but he's not on TBG. They have Adam Bowlby who is one of the best QB's in the league. They are the team to beat in the XOFL, and I hope we can stay in the game with them late into the 2nd half, and anything can happen at the end of the game.

JC: So after your "embarassing win" over Team Walmart, and the argument with Rog Guild, how much are you looking forward towards your Week 3 matchup with them?

NS: I cannot wait for week 3.  Thats gonna be our chance to prove that wasn't the true F-9.  We will show up for that game, I promise you that.

JC: About trash talking, what do you of Gil Tussey doing all this trash talking and then not backing it up in his debut on Friday?

NS: I think the stuff he said about me was funny.  I mean he's a rookie, he needs time to adjust and get used to the XOFL before you can really expect him to play up to his potential

JC: So after you gained entrance into the league, is the XOFL what you always thought it would be like?

NS: Its better then i thought it would be.  The intesity and competion in the league is great.  I'm  honored to be apart of it.

JC: Thanks Nick, and Good Luck this season.

NS: Thanks for having me.

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