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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

La Policia Preview

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La Policia
Captain Bobby Lang is one of only six members in the XOFL Hall of Fame

6. La Policia: Captain Bobby Lang (3rd year), Kenny Martinez (1st year), Joe Sanflippo (2nd year)-- La Policia will be around .500 this season, as they have only one real experienced member on the team, in Captain Bobby Lang. They will fight to make the playoffs, coming out of the South Conference, possibly as the #3 seed. QB Bobby Lang will need first year player, Kenny Martinez, to step up and play a big role at WR. Also a receiving target for Lang, is 2nd year member, Joe Sanflippo, returning to the game of football. Offensively this team will be average, as they don't have any homerun type playmakers. Defensively, La Policia will be average as well, because they lack the speed and quickness to stay with top XOFL teams. Joe Sanflippo will have to step up and lead this team in INT's with around 10-15, in order to help the team win some games this year. Look for Bobby Lang to make some type of move later on to improve his team, whether it be a trade or signing a Free Agent.

Team Quotes: "I think we have exceptional talent and a legitimate shot to win the whole thing this year. Me and Kenny have great chemistry (because we sit next to each other in chemistry class). And me and Joe go all the way back to kindergarten (and before that we were in the same patrol boat in 'Nam). We will be a big suprise this year and the top contenders better watch out."- Bobby Lang

Opponent's Quotes: ""La Policia will be a dangerous team this season if they actually show up. Rumors were that Joe quit the team because he wouldn't show up alot, and most people have been saying that around the league. If he does show up along with Martinez, they will be a very tough team. Their record all depends on team attendance this year."- Brian Saxton, of F-9

"They have good athleticism and pretty good team speed. It's all gonna come down to Kenny and whether he can compete in a new league or will he be a bust. Also, Bob Lang is just an average gym class player and XOFL is a step up from gym class."- Adam Bowlby, of the British Gentlemen

A few predictions: I believe that QB Bobby Lang will throw for 48 Touchdowns, and 15 INT's. He will be ranked a top QB in the league behind just a few others, and WR Kenny Martinez will catch 29 Touchdown Passes. WR Joe Sanflippo will have 19 TD receptions, and on defense will have 9 Interceptions.

Other News and Notes: Captain Bobby Lang is in the XOFL Hall of Fame, and won an XOFL Championship in 2003 with the Muskrats. Lang is also the creator of the name "Cereal Bowl" and says, "I'm proud of that."

Record Prediction: 5-5, 3rd in South Conference

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