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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Sunday Conversation- Gil Tussey
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QB Gil Tussey

Gilbert Tussey is entering his rookie season in the XOFL, but he certainly isn't acting like a rookie this pre season. Tussey has been shooting his mouth off lately, particularly towards my early league favorites, the British Gentlemen. He's taken shots at WR Frank Elmccio and QB Adam Bowlby, (Story) starting a preseason rivalry between the two teams. Although Tussey has good size, he lacks mobility. He should put up decent number this season with a good core of WR's in Tommy Babcock and Chris Killacky...

JC: You've been doing a lot of trash talking lately, why are you doing so much of it so early on this season, and do you think it may come back to hurt you later on?

GT: The trash talking is all in good fun, and I'm not the only one that is doing it, but I am doing it the most. I also feel that no quarterback in the league can compare with me. It very well may come back to bite me in the ass later on, but I feel confident in my self and my team that we can back it up.

JC: You are teamed up with Tommy Babcock and Chris Killacky, who do you think your number one option to throw the ball to this season will be?

GT: They are both great options but I will not have one that I favor more. It also depends on the situation, Tommy will no doubt be our deep threat, but Chris will be a solid possession receiver.

JC: You have been directing most of your comments this preseason towards the British do you expect to fare against them in your early Week 3 matchup with them?

GT: It will be a good matchup for us, a real solid test. We will hold our own at the least if not be able to come out of the game with a win. I will not predict a win or a loss but it will be a good game.

JC: I see your not making any ridiculous comments in this interview...Is there any reasoning for your passive answers?

GT: I am assesing the situation with a level head in other comments I have been shooting my mouth off and drawing attention to our team and myself, and it has also started a few rivalries already. I realize that it is time to get serious and now is a good time to start.

JC: If you had to start an XOFL team today, would you take Adam Bowlby at QB, a proven winning QB in the league, or yourself?

GT: Myself, although Adam has proven himself I feel that I am a much better quarterback with a much stronger arm.

JC: Where do you feel that your team will end up at the end of the season?

GT: I feel that we will be in the top 3 in the league, in the regular season and we have a great chance at making it to the Cereal Bowl.

JC: How many TD's this year?

GT: At least 50 in the regular season.

JC: How do you feel about Nick Sabatello being allowed to enter the league, and which way did your vote go and why?

GT: I feel that Nick deserves to be in the league, it is not like he brought a bunch of seniors with him. He is not out to tarnish the league and thats why I voted for him.

JC: How do you think he will do this season, playing for F-9?

GT: He will be the best player on his team. I feel he will carry that team on his back, but they will go no where.

JC: Who do you feel the League MVP is going to be this year?

GT: That is a good question, There are many candidates for the award and I feel it is to early to tell you have to let the players get a feel for the season then you can make that prediction.

JC: Nick Sabatello has stated your a good player, but don't have enough confidence in your game, and need to gain attention through trash do you feel about that?

GT: Nick needs to worry about his sorry ass team and not about what I can do because I will put up record numbers against his team

JC: Any closing statements?

GT: I appreciate that you would pick me for this fabulous interview and I am interested on what you have to write about me and the cuda's.  As for the other teams in the league, do not underestimate the power of the bionical.

JC: Thank you and good luck this season.

GT: Thank You Mr. Conrad