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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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Saxton and Sabatello will look to lead the team this year

5. F-9: Captain Brian Saxton (2nd year), Nick Sabatello (1st year), Xhevat Vukel (2nd year)-- The F-9ers will be led this season by Captain Brian Saxton and the controversial rookie, Nick Sabatello. As you all know, Sabatello won a league vote and was accepted into the league, and he is now eyeing an XOFL Title. 2nd year player Brian Saxton is looking to improve on last year's below average season and become a threat in the league this year. WR Xhevat Vukel does have decent hands, but no speed or quickness whatsoever. Offensively, this team will most likely have a Quarterback by Comittee, between Saxton and Sabatello and should put up decent numbers this season. On the other side of the ball is where this team needs to improve. No one on this team is quick enough to stay with the top half of WR's in the league and F-9 will most likely have to win offensive shootouts to have success in the league.

Team Quotes: "We are gonna give 100% everytime we step on the field. We might not have any speed or a big name player, but i think we will make the playoffs. We are gonna shock alot of teams, and be a force to be wreckoned with."- Nick Sabatello

""I think that F-9 will have a very productive season.  Most people around the league are already trashing us, saying that we won't win a game, but we're out to prove them all wrong.  Our offense wont be flashy, but we will move the ball down the field effectively and on defense we will shut most offensive attacks down and force teams to make great plays.  Overall, I think that we will be a playoff contender and finish above .500."- Brian Saxton

Opponent Quotes: "F-9 is just a group of girls (minus Sabs) that have no friends so they make a stupid party clan or whatever you want to call it. They shall be vanquished quickly and efficiently."- Steve Simmons, of the League Champs

"Brian Saxton is the largest waste of life I have ever met.  Xhevat Vukel shouldn't even be a real name and he is just a Muslim terrorist with awkward facial hair. Nick is a good kid but it is gonna be tough for him to win with these retards on his side."- Adam Bowlby, of the British Gentlemen

"I think they are going to come out of the gates strong, becasue of the excting Sabatello decision. They have a nice group of players, but i think they will struggle later on in the season, only because of their inexperience."- Joe Byrne, of Ferdinand Magellan

"Team F-9 looks like they're gonna bring shame to the XOFL and to all of us professional football players. First off, 2/3 of the team is from Hamburg, do I have to say anything else? And when you think they can't get any worse, the other 1/3 is Xhevat Vukel. Ewww. I'm glad we get to play them though, because its a guaranteed "W"."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia

"Brian smells and he thinks he is cool, but he has no heart for the game of football, but we can get one thing positive out of this, he may take a shower after the game."- Chris Killacky, of the Blue Baracudas

A few predictions: I think F-9 will be led offensively by Nick Sabatello both at Quarterback as well as WR. I think Sabatello will account for over 75% of this team's touchdowns, throwing for 40 TD's and only 5 INT's, and catching 12 Touchdowns from Saxton. Xhevat Vukel will have 10 Touchdowns this season and Brian Saxton will lead the team defensively, with 7 Interceptions.

Other News and Notes: Rookie Nick Sabatello may be the most controversial figure in XOFL History. He broke the Age Barrier and opened the league up to a whole new generation of athletes. Brian Saxton is entering his 2nd season in the XOFL, but this will be the first season as a team captain.

Record Prediction: 5-5, 3rd in North Conference

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