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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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League Champs
Team will be led by Captain Eric Burns this season

4. League Champs: Captain Eric Burns (1st year), Steve Simmons (1st year), Jason Snover (2nd year)-- The League Champs are a very interesting team entering the XOFL this season. Captain Eric Burns is one of the few members who has real football game experience, yet has never experienced an XOFL game. This team does have a good size WR in Steve Simmons, who has decent speed as well. Jason Snover should be able to play an important role on this team, as a possession receiver. Overall offensively this team should be able to put up good numbers throughout the season. Defensively may be a different story, however, as their is not enough speed or quickness to keep up with the top WR's in the league, such as Frank Elmuccio, Travis Wenz, Tyler Wenz, etc. Burns should be the defensive playmaker on this team, leading the team in INT's. No one is quick enough on this team to be in contention for Special Teams Player of the Year and don't look for anyone to break a kickoff return for a TD.

Team Quotes: "With my real game experience at QB and the height advantage that steve has over most players in the league, along with speed, i think we should be at least a 500 team. and i have never seen snover play football in my life so idk what to say about him."- QB Eric Burns

"We're out to prove ourselves as legitimate contenders for the XOFL title, and we're going to show the O-burgers that backyard (road) football is played, and played well, elsewhere in Wallkill Valley.  Kids from Hardyston can play too, with the exception of Snover, he's from O-burg."- WR Steve Simmons

Opponent's Quotes: "The league champs will be a very good team this year. They have a great QB in Eric Burns, and to talented recievers in Snover and Simmons. They will definately be a playoff team and may even have a few upsets this year, but I'm not not they wil be able to live up to their name."- Joe Byrne, of Ferdinand Magellan\

"The League Champs are exactly what their name says they are (minus champs, plus losers). This team has no legitimate chance at winning besides the fact that Steve Simmons is 99999999ft tall. If Jay Snover plays up to his full potential, they are sure to be worse than if he doesn't play at all. Personally, I'd rather have a stick on my team over the man they call Jsno (no hard feelings)."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia

"Snover is the only one with game experience. Simmons has good size and athleticism and should be hard to contain. Burns was the JV Quarterback which would mean he has a good arm, but who knows if that will matter whatsover in the XOFL."- Adam Bowlby, of the British Gentlemen

They got speed, height, and Jay (Snover) is nothing, but i think my team will be able to take them in the long run. We're in better condition."- Nick Selepouchin, of TLA

"I guess they think they are in a women's league, if they think they are "League Champs, but I'm sorry I have to go get my goldfronts cleaned and get diamond studs for them."- Chris Killacky, of the Blue Baracudas

"I think they will have a good season, but clearly get upset by us (Team Walmart)."- Rocky Tironi, of Team Walmart

"The team has a solid QB in Burns, but I don't knw about the other two positions.  Simmons has good height, but I don't know how sure his hands are and I am as fast as him so what does that say? Snover, what more do u have to say then that he is on the golf team.  This team should have a mediocre season and win its fair share of games."- Gil Tussey, of the Blue Baracudas

"The League Champs will not live up to their name this season.  Experience wise, they are weak, but they will have a good offensive attack with Burns as the QB and Simmons as the big WR.  I dont see them being a powerhouse in the XOFL, but they will flirt with .500."- Brian Saxton, of F- 9

A few predictions: I think this team could sneak up on a few teams this season, perhaps even upseting a top ranked team along the way. However, I don't think this team has enough firepower on offensive, or enough quickness on defense. Eric Burns will throw for 36 Touchdowns, and will throw 12 interceptions. Steve Simmons will be in the top half of the league in receptions, with about 90 or so. Jason Snover will have 7 Touchdowns this season.

Other News and Notes: Rumors have been swirling that Jason Snover could be traded or released in the coming days. Also remember that La Policia is searching for two players, as Bobby Lang is the lone member of the team at the moment.

Record Prediction: 6-4, 2nd in North Conference

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