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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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British Gentlemen
Led by Captain Adam Bowlby this season

1. The British Gentlemen: Captain Adam Bowlby (3rd year), Frank Elmuccio (3rd year), Travis Wenz (3rd year)-- The British Gentlemen have everything you can ask for, with an XOFL team. Most importantly they have a ton of experience, as all three members have been in the league since it began, and have tons of weapons on offense. QB Adam Bowlby has shown he will be a legitimate MVP Candidate this season, as he distributed the ball extremely well in previous seasons and had limited turnovers. 3rd year WR Frank Elmuccio has had his brightest XOFL moments when Adam Bowlby was throwing to him a few years ago. Newcomer to the British Gentlemen, Travis Wenz, will be the catalyst of the team. This kid can fly and will prove to be a downfield threat against any opponent. However, his defense is what will improve the British Gentlemen so dramatically. Wenz will be a candidate for Defensive Player of the Year and could help his team win an XOFL Championship.

Team Quotes: "I think that we have a very good shot at winning the league. All three members are experienced veterans with all star talent and the team chemistry is there. We should have a good season."- QB Adam Bowlby

"The kids outside of Ogdensburg especially the League Champs think that they are just gunna come into the league and walk all over the Ogdensburg teams, I want to show these out of towners what the XOFL really is and how much better the British Gents' are then them, when the British Gentlemen and I play the League champs I want to show them that we are superior to them in street football and that they are just a bunch of hooligans, aside from my grudge with the League champs I obviously also want to win my second cereal bowl, and I plan on doing so this upcoming XOFL season, aside from that I have I have no other personal goals just to play my hardest and to my best ability for my teamates and for England."- WR Frank Elmuccio

Opponent's Quote: " I think they are one of the top three teams in the league, if not the best. They have everything, great QB, great WR, and great defense."- Nick Sabatello, of F-9

"They will be a contender, as all of them are atheltic and quick, however quarterback could be a problem with them though because none of them really have a rifle, but you can't count anybody out."- Gil Tussey, of the Blue Baracudas

"Well, they are British, if you take out their sweet accents, they are a bunch no good dirt bags but these gentlemen will be good and probably have around 8 regular season wins."- Chris Killacky, of the Blue Baracudas

A few predictions: The British Gentlemen will enjoy a successful season, finishing first in their conference. Quarterback Adam Bolwby will have an MVP like season, finishing with 51 Touchdown Passes, and WR Frank Elmuccio will be contending for Offensive Player of the Year Award, as he will finish with 32 Touchdown Catches. CB Travis Wenz will have 14 Interceptions and be in the running for the Defensive Player of the Year Award.Other

Other News and Notes: WR Frank Elmuccio is the team's only Hall of Famer, as well as only person on the team to ever win an XOFL Championsip.

Record Prediction: 9-1, 1st in North Conference



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