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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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League Overwhelmingly Welcomes Newcomer, 11-4
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Nick Sabatello's wait is finally over.  At 9:15 EST, Nick Sabatello received word from Commissioner Joe Byrne he was just voted into the XOFL by an overwhelming 11-4, as 5 people did not even have to vote, because the minimum number of 11 votes needed was reached.  Minutes after receiving the news, Sabatello stated, " Really, I'm speechless right now, I have so many people to thank, I need some time to compose myself and really soak in what just happend...Tonight I consider myself the luckiest man In the Wallkill Valley Area."
              Nick Sabatello becomes a member of F-9, joining Captain Brian Saxton, and 2nd year member Xhevat Vukel.  " I feel that it was a very classy move by Joe Byrne, allowing a fair league vote to instate Nick into the League.  Most of the players realized what Nick would bring to the XOFL and casted their "yes" votes this evening.  It's great for the leauge to have such a dedicated player now.  Most other guys who were declined the priviledge to play would not have taken it this far like Nick did.  That just shows alot about him.  We overcame tremendous odds in breaking the Age Barrier, and now we're just moving on north towards the regular season, which I'm really looking forward to now that Nick is the final member of F-9," Captain Brian Saxton stated after receving word that Sabatello could join the league.  
           Commisioner Joe Byrne seemed to be a bit both relieved and shocked after the league vote was over stating, "Nick has always been a great kid and I admire how he was so into both XOFL and OWBL when he wasn't even participating in them. Just for that he deserved a league vote. I, myself, am actually a little suprised. I thought that it would be close, but I'm glad the controvesey is over and i feel he will be a great asset to the XOFL." 
              Tonight, the XOFL received a very valuable asset, and anyone who voted "yes" in favor of Sabatello will not be let down.  Sabatello stays true to his word, and will help out any way possible throughout the entire season.  As for performances on the field, Sabatello believes, "Well I expect the F9 to be competitive.  There are a number of very good teams in league.  We aren't the fastest team that's for sure, but we have some size.  We are gonna have to be creative on some weeks to get the W.  I think we will be in the playoff hunt.  And once you get to the tournament anything can happen.  It was very important goal of mine to play in the XOFL.  As one dream is accomplished another one starts.  I hope one day to win the Cereal Bowl trophy.  Just as I didn't stop until I was eligible, I won't stop til' i lift the Cereal Bowl Trophy."  Adam Bowlby, of the British Gentlemen, stated, "I don't think he'll have an MVP season because of the lack of talent around him and the fact that even though he has been involved with the league he has no game expierience. He should be pretty dependable though and could boost the F-9er's up to about .500," on Nick Sabatello and the F-9 Crew. 
               Co-Commissioner Frank Elmuccio completely disregarded the hot topic of "Age Barrier" and focused more on how he would feel if he was in Sabatello's shoes.  "I never really thought about the age barrier thing, I was more just thinking about being in Sabatello's shoes and how bad he wanted to get in, and I'm just glad hes getting his chance to prove what he can do for the league."

"As one Dream is accomplished another one starts."- Nick Sabatello