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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

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Nick Sabatello
Sabatello won the league vote and is now "Livin' a Dream"

Sabatello Releases XOFL Speech

Ogdesnburg, NJ--Hello my name is Nick Sabatello, I am a senior at Wallkill Valley Regional High School. I turned 18 years old on April 12 , 2005. As you may know I have started a campaign to win eligibility into the XOFL. I have lived in Hamburg for 11 years. Growing up in Hamburg, I would organize leagues for a number of different sports. I was always the commissioner, and in charge of keeping stats, and standings, and making schedules. As we grew up, it became harder to get everyone together, due to other distractions. The leagues disappeared, but the love for them hasn't. I have followed the main stream Ogdensburg Sports scene since its infancy. I was the first writer for the OWBL, and I enjoyed my time at that site greatly. I had always wanted to join, but was unable to because of my age. Every year I would watch as the age requirement would increase one year, but still excluding myself. Recently I went to the XOFL site and noticed that the F9's were in need of a teammate. I saw this as my opportunity to seek a spot in the league i so envied.

We can't let seniors in! They will dominate!

I am 18 years old, but sadly God has not granted me with the skills to be a hall-of-famer such as greats like Tyler Wenz, Bobby Lang, Ryan Egan, Joe Byrne, Frank Elmuccio, or Rog Guild. As most of you know I'm kind of fat and pretty slow. But I have decent hands and would be an average at worst XOFL player.

He is gonna quit, after the first week and screw everything up!

Hopefully you can tell by this speech, that I would attend every XOFL scheduled game. The most important part of a league like this is to have everybody show up when they are supposed to. I understand this completely and would encourage others to never miss a single game at any and all costs. If I felt that my entry would open the flood gates to more seniors to join, that would not be committed, I would not go on with my campaign.

Why should i want this kid in the league?

I think I would be a valuable member to the league, since I am legally allowed to have as many kids in my car as possible. This would make transportation to the games easier. If a kid didn't have a ride, I would be able to pick up and bring home as many kids as needed, which would decrease the number of excuses for not being able to showing up to a game. As mentioned before I have had experience in keeping stats, updating standings, and schedule making if any help was needed in any of the categories.

Who is this Clown Dick?

Some of you know me and consider me a friend. I would hope that these people would vote yes. They realize, that my dedication to the league would be a major asset. For those of you who don't know me as well I consider myself a likeable, mildly funny kid, who gets along with almost everyone.

No! You just can't come in!

I am aware of some of the concerns and reasons that someone would vote no. Some of you may like to keep the tradition of only class of 2006 and lower in. I think that that is kind of ignorant. I am not even 12 months older then many of the players in the league. My qualities that would make the league more fun, outweigh the idea that tradition should not be changed. Some of you may be afraid that more seniors would want to join, and they would not be as dedicated as myself. I have proposed some ideas to the commissioner such as creating "mandatory pre-season dates, for trial members" where if they don't make one of the dates they are barred from entry. However, I don't think this would be a big a problem as some of us fear, because the number of seniors who would seriously want to join would be very small. We are talking 0 to 3 people at most that would want to join.

I had previously told the commissioner that I would not give up until I was presented with a good reason that I could not enter or I was allowed to enter. Sadly, I think I will have to change my stance. He has generously given me the ability to have a vote on the issue. I believe entrance into the league is a cause strongly worth fighting for. I would like to thank JJ Conrad and Brian Saxton for their ongoing support in my campaign.

I hope each of you who are voting took the time to read this entire speech, and consider my points. I really want to be in the league, and letting me in will do no harm. Only provide more tools to help the league grow. If you have any questions for me My screen name is: Gmoney99112 . If you would like more information on this topic read the message boards, and JJ Conrad’s articles.

In closing I would like to thank the commissioner for sending you this speech, and for allowing the league to vote on the topic. Please make the right decision. Vote Yes, and allow me to join you in the XOFL.

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