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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

"Nick Sabatello Rule" Changes Pace After Meeting with Commish

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"Nick Sabatello Rule" Changes Pace After Meeting with Commish
Byrne grants Sabatello League Vote to Decide on Eligibility
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Nick Sabatello has been waiting his "turn" for three years now.  Ever since he was a sophomore at Wallkill Valley, he has been religiously following every OWBL and XOFL season there has been.  Every year he waits his turn, eagerly awaiting Commissioner Joe Byrne to change his age restriction for the XOFL.  But every year, he continues to have no hope because he was born a few months ahead of some of us.
                  Earlier today, Commissioner Joe Byrne met with Nick Sabatello and discussed the very controversial topic very professionally.  Byrne stated several times that because of other seniors who want to join the XOFL have contacted him, he can not let Nick Sabatello in.  However, after much back and forth reasoning with the Commissioner, Sabatello got through to Joe Byrne and give him a fair league vote.  Sabatello will be preparing a speech, which will be posted on this web site for all players to observe and base their decision on.
                 Because the XOFL follows such tradition and honor, important votes from players will be a quick "No" to Sabatello, but honestly, what harm would he be doing to the league.  He would serve as much more of an asset than any other member in the XOFL, not named Joe Byrne or Frank Elmuccio, based on his age.  As he states in his upcoming speech later this week, "I am legally allowed to have as many kids in my car as possible.  This would make transportation to the games easier.  If a kid didn't have a ride, I would be able to pick up and bring home as many kids as needed, which would decrease the number of excuses for not being able to showing up to a game."  In an era in which transportation to and from games is critical, Sabatello would be a huge asset to the league.  He would help do stats, help with the web site, and would not cause any other controversey after this. 
               Sabatello has been waiting his turn patiently throughout his high school career, and now this is most likely his final chance.  Don't base your votes on his age or because you might not know who he is.  He is a dedicated, true sports fan and would definetly enjoy the XOFL more than half of the players, if not more, in the league.  Give the kid a chance and say yes to Sabatello.

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