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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

XOFL Encounters Early Controversey

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XOFL Encounters Early Controversey
      Sabatello wants Commisioner's OK to join XOFL
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Only a few weeks away from Opening Day in the XOFL, controversey will leave Commissioner Joe Byrne in a tough situation.  Nick Sabatello, 18, is attempting to become to the first player ever above the Class of 2006 to enter the XOFL.  Team Captain Brian Saxton is stuck without a third teammate, after getting news that Jay Snover is already committed to another team in the league. 
                                 Nick Sabatello is following in the footsteps of Jackie Robinson, the first ever African American to play in the Major Leagues, Maurice Clarett of a year ago, trying to become eligible for the NFL Draft...It's only fair that Commissioner Joe Byrne allow Sabatello in the league.  Sabatello is a true competitor and has a love for sports, as Byrne would be crushing Sabatello's dreams of one day becoming an XOFL star. 
                               Not allowing Nick Sabatello is the XOFL would be ridiculous because Sabatello is not even considered to be an elite player.  He doesn't have the speed of a Tyler Wenz, the hands of a Frank Elmuccio, or the athletic ability of a Travis Wenz, but Sabatello does have a car and a way or transportation for he and his teammates, which is extremely key in the XOFL.  Joe Byrne would acting extremely unconstitional and this could be considered a bit of segregation if Byrne does not allow Sabatello into the XOFL.
                                Also, it's not like Commissioner Joe Byrne has been rejecting seniors left and right, wishing to be in the XOFL.  Sabatello could be the only exception, mainly because he's the only person who WANTS to be in the XOFL in the senior grade.  I believe if Commissioner Joe Byrne wants to have a league vote on whether or not Nick Sabatello should be allowed to enter the league, that would be fair...but don't be suprised if Sabatello takes this case to court if the league does not vote in his favor.
                             I hope Joe Byrne will seriously consider Nick Sabatello to enter this year's XOFL.  It's not like if Sabatello teams up with Captain Brian Saxton and Xhevat Vukel, they will be forming a dream team.  We aren't talking about the likes of a Cody Herbert or a James Madison entering the league...its Nick Sabatello.  He won't be a dominating performer, just a steady, every-day player, always committed to the league.

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