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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Sunday Conversation with Adam Bowlby

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Adam Bowlby
Bowlby, shown above, is entering his 3rd XOFL Season and 2nd with the British Gentlemen

Adam Bowlby is an XOFL veteran, entering his 3rd season in the league.  He's entering his 2nd season teamed up with Frank Elmuccio and the British Gentlemen, bringing newcomer Travis Wenz along this season.  Bowlby proved last year he is a legitimate XOFL Quarterback, throwing 7 TD Passes in a single game...
JC: How do you feel the addition of Travis Wenz will help out the British Gentlemen this season?
AB: Well, Jim, he gives us another deep threat because of his speed and that should really help u spread the field even more. But he does more to help our defense then our offense. He gives us a shut down corner who can cover the other teams best player and pick one off and bring it back at any time.
JC: What do you think is more important...Him being on your team this season, or not having to face him two, possibly three times in a season?
AB: I would definetly have to say having him on our team now. Two or three game is a big part of the season but not all of it. With him on our side now he can help us every week.
JC: Two seasons ago you seemed to have a nice relationship on the field with WR Frank Elmuccio, going to him many times a game...Do you think the same chemistry will be there this season with the addition of Wenz?
AB: Yes, me and Frank have played a ton of exhibition games with Travis and the major difference was balls that two seasons ago and last year I would have had to throw away or try to force and wind up with an incomplete pass, are finding their way into Travis' hands.
JC: You solidified yourself as a top QB in the league last season with your weekly performances...Do you feel any pressure to duplicate your numbers from last year?
AB: I feel a little pressure but nothing I cant handle. Whatever happens, happens and im just hoping that i can help our team get a couple of W's early in the season and then just roll from there.
JC: The league has opened up to all four towns this season...Do you think there will be any suprise players this season coming from another town?
AB: I think that Eric Burns and Nick Selepouchin could both suprise some people once they get accustomed to the XOFL rules and style of play. Another thing that could effect the league from other towns is a new fan. Im looking for Brian Saxton to give up on his team early in the season much like he did and with the Mets, and just start cheering for one of the elite team *cough* Red Sox.
JC: With so many talented players in the league, who do you envision this year's League MVP to be?
AB: There is a lot of candidates to choose from. Tyler Wenz is going to have a monster season as usual. Joe Byrne is also going to put up the same numbers he always does. Any member of the British Gentleman could win it depending on their playoff success. And Lets not forget about Xhevat Vukel.
JC: The XOFL Combine is coming up for the first time in XOFL history...What are your thoughts about that?
AB: I think that its a great idea. I think that Tom Babcock is a member of the league this year and it should be interesting to see his 40 results against Travis Wenzs. Im also pretty interested to see if good combine results will turn into success on the field.
JC: Do you have any closing statements?
AB: I just want my salary from last year to be given to me by joe byrne. I left my blood sweat and tears out on that gridioron and him keeping the leagues salary is just horse mallarky. I also encourage more fans to come out and supprt the teams. Its a good way to spend a Sunday and its not like you have better stuff to do anyway. Kids, don't do drugs.
JC: Thank you Adam, and Good Luck this season.
AB: Thanks, Jim. Ill be looking forward to more fantastic articles in the future and just one suggestion. I would say print out some copies of these and hand them out. Its great bathroom material.

XOFL...Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League