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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

TLA Preview

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TLA needs an MVP type season from someone, to even have a chance at the playoffs

7. TLA: Captain Nick Selepouchin (1st year), Paul Palecek (1st year), Jeff Pospeich (1st year)-- TLA is a strange team entering this year's XOFL.  Consisting of all Hardyston players, I question their dedication to the league.  How many games will each player show up to? Will these team even participate in half a season? Too many questions surrounding this team, which is why I believe they will finish 4th in the South Conference, not making the playoffs.  TLA has hardly any football experience, with Captain Nick Selepouchin being the only member on TLA with ANY football knowledge.  Fellow rookie WR's Paul Palecek and Jeff Pospiech are soccer gurus, another reason why I question their dedication to the XOFL.  I believe Nick Selepouchin is into the XOFL and I hope he would make a move to improve his team, as well as team attendance.

Team Quotes: "We will show up.....and we will win some ball games thats all I gotta say."- Nick Selepouchin

"I think our team is pretty well rounded, with a good QB with Pooch and a pair of good recievers with me and Jeff.  We won't blind you with our speed, but we'll hang in games with good possession and shutdown defense."- Paul Palecek

Opponent's Quotes: "I don't even think TLA will show up this season. And what the hell does TLA mean? We may never know."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia

"Their team name will match their ability to perform in the XOFL.  They clearly will play like a bunch of failed aborted fetuses and will come in last in their division.  The only way they can improve their team is by adding Allan Ward, who is also a 'living abortion' - Bobby Carrol.  I see them going 2-8, catching some teams on a bad day and winning those 2 games."- Brian Saxton, of F-9

A few predictions: I'm sorry, but I can not make any good predictions on this team.  Nick Selepouchin believes he has a cannon for an arm, but I just dont see it.  He will be the lone spark to this team, throwing for 39 Touchdowns.  WR Paul Palecek will contribute with 23 TD and Jeff Pospiech...well, we may never see this kid at an XOFL game.

Other News and Notes: I was just informed that "TLA" stands for "The Living Abortions."...Who the hell came up with this team.. Commissioner Joe Byrne should remove them from the league for this ridiculously stupid team name.  Anyway, TLA and Team Walmart should battle it out all year for "Laughing Stock of the XOFL"

Record Prediction: 2-8, 4th in South Conference

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