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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Blue Baracudas Preview
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Blue Baracudas
Captain Tommy Babcock is looking to lead his team this season in the XOFL

3. Blue Baracudas: Captain Tommy Babcock (1st year), Gil Tussey (1st year), Chris Killacky (1st year)-- The Blue Baracudas have much inexperience, however do have some athletic ability. Consisting of all rookies, the Blue Baracudas will rely heavily upon the Quarterback skills of Gil Tussey who has no effectiveness anywhere else on the field. He does have good arm strength and a Tussey-to-Babcock duo could do some damage in the league. Tommy Babcock may be the fastest player in the league, finally giving Travis Wenz some competition, and Chris Killacky has good hands, and is also refering to himself this year as "Chad Johnson" of the Cincinnati Bengals. On defense, everyone knows the two Cornerbacks at all times, as Tussey will stay in and knock some passes down at the line of scrimmage. This team will finish 2nd in South Conference, behind Ferdinand Magellen. On special teams, Tommy Babcock could be in the running for the Player of the Year in this category, as his blazing speed and quickness should provide a spark for the Blue Baracudas throughout the season.

Team Quotes: "I feel that we will be a major contender for the league title. We are solid at all the major positions and match up well with all the teams. The league will be strong but I feel we will be on the top come seasons end."- Gil Tussey

Opponent's Quotes: "The Blue Baracudas will be 4-6 this season. I think that most people feel that they will do better behind the arm of Tussey, the speed of Babcock, and the abnormal resenblance of Mike Bardi in Killacky, but I don't think that they will have much chemistry offensively and will struggle. Defensively, they will be fine with the height of Tussey and Killacky to knock down short passes, and the speed of Babcock to chase down the deep ones."- Brian Saxton, of F 9

"Tommy is one fast mofo, but they do have Gimpy Gil who will have 0% effectiveness on defense. They also have Bird Man (Chris) who im not too sure about, but I'm pretty certain he'll be eating bird seed on the sideline all game."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia

"They should be decent. Gilbert has a rifle as an arm but isn't really that mobile. Here is a list of other non-mobile QB's who have played in the league...Rog Guild. Thats it, and he isn't even playing QB anymore because it just doesn't work out on such a small field. Tom Babcock has blazing speed, but is a very raw XOFL product, having never even seen a game before. Chris Killacky is just a straight up jabroni who thinks he's tough, but really could get smacked around by Sweet Al. Im not even going to worry about him."- Adam Bowlby, of The British Gentlemen.

"Baracudas should be a playoff team. People have to be careful not to let them fly under the Radar. One of the deepest teams, they have no weekspot. They will give teams alot of trouble."- Nick Sabatello, of F 9

A few predictions: The Blue Baracudas have a legitimate QB in Gil Tussey, who will be in contention for Quartberback of the Season this year. He will average about 4-5 Touchdown Passes a game, and end up with around 45 TD Passes. Chris Killacky will be in the top half of Wide Receivers, averaging about 10 catches a game. Tommy Babcock will be a valuable player for this team, having 20 Total Touchdowns, and 8 Interceptions. Look out for this kid on Special Teams as well.

Other News and Notes: Gil Tussey is a rookie in XOFL, but does have a Perfect Game on his resume, throwing it a few years back in the OWBL. Tommy Babcock has ridiculous, flat-out speed and his combine results should be interesting to compare to Travis Wenz. Also, watch Gilbert Tussey's 40 time, just for laughs.

Record Prediction: 6-4, 2nd in South Conference


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