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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Ferdinand Magellan Preview
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Ferdinand Magellan
Can Joe Byrne repeat as XOFL Champion?

2. Ferdinand Magellan: Captain Joe Byrne (3rd year), Tyler Wenz (3rd year), Ryan Egan (2nd year)-- Team Ferdinand Magellan should be the top team coming out of the South Conference this season, led by Hall of Fame Captain Joe Byrne. This team is loaded as well, and a matchup with the British Gentlemen in Cereal Bowl III would be an intense and exciting matchup. Although the captain of this team is Joe Byrne, Ferdinand Magellan's most valuable player is without a doubt Tyler Wenz. Wenz makes things happen on the field and is always in contention for League MVP. Wenz makes plays on both offense and defense and when teamed up with Joe Byrne, can be a dangerous duo every week. You can't put all your focus on containing Wenz on offense either, because WR Ryan Egan has proven to be a very decent XOFL Wideout. Egan has very good hands and could be a very big part of this team's offense. Kickoff Returner Tyler Wenz has game breaking potential each and every time he touches the ball, especially on kickoffs where he could be most dangerous.
Team Quotes: "I believe we will do very well this season.  We are a very talented, experienced team, which converts into getting some wins.  Hopefully that'll be enough to get us an XOFL Title."- Captain Joe Byrne
"I think we have the talent to win it all, we have 3 Hall of Famers and all three of us have won a Cereal Bowl.  We are still hungry for more."- Ryan Egan
Opponent's Quotes: "I think they could have a very good season. Tyler Wenz and Joe Byrne are both always candidates for MVP, it all rests on Ryan Egan's shoulders. He has played before but hasn't ever been seriously commited to the league. If he can keep his mind out of the gutter (corny bowling joke) they could have a chance to win the league."- Adam Bowlby, of the British Gentlemen

"Personally, I think this is the top team in the league, but it is reasonable that they are ranked second because they are named after sailors. Come on sailing is overrated. They will have 9 wins."- Chris Killacky, of the Blue Baracudas

"I think they are going to be a powerhouse. Joe and his terrible hair might be a downfall, but Tyler and Egan will come together to help Joe to a Championship Game. They will have one or two losses."- Xhevat Vukel, of F-9

"The Ferdinand magellan's may look great on paper, and the truth is they probably are amazing in real life, but come Sunday, La Policia is gonna arrest Joe Byrne and company. We have the heart, the soul, and the sweet cop badges that prove we are the better team."- Bobby Lang, of La Policia

"This is a very dangerous team, I consider them the team to beat. They all have a Cereal Bowl win. They know exactly what it takes to win the big one. Joe is a defending champ and I'm sure would love to be the only man ever to win back to back titles. Plus, you got Egan who was on the first team to win it. Like that wasn't enough, they have the best player in the league in my opinion, maybe in the history of the XOFL, Tyler Wenz. I'm sure those guys want to get back on top. They are just gonna be a nightmare to stop for alot of teams in the league."- Nick Sabatello, of F-9

"Ferdinand Magellan is a perenial superteam with potential to win it all, the only team that will really beat them is themselves. It will be fun to watch how they will do."- Gil Tussey, of the Blue Baracudas

"I think that team Ferdinand Magellan will finish at the top of the league this year.  They have a sensational offensive attack with Wenz as the QB and Egan and Byrne as his wideouts.  Defensively they should be strong as well.  Tyler should be able to pick some passes off with his speed and Joe and Ryan should knock some passes down with their ears and hair.  The Ferdinand Magellan's, I think, will be one of the teams to beat along with the Brittish Gents."- Brian Saxton, of F-9

" I believe they are serious contendors for the Cereal bowl with the superior athletic ability of Tyler Wenz, A veteran QB in Joe Byrne, and Ryan Egan's ears."- Frank Elmuccio, of the British Gentlemen

A few predicitons: This team is loaded with talent but has no true Quarterback, rather a QB by committee, most likely alternating between Tyler Wenz and Joe Byrne. I think Byrne will be the Starting QB to begin the season and should rack up around 35 Touchdown Passes on the year. Ryan Egan will be up there in Receptions leaders, finishing around 60-70 catches this year and Tyler Wenz should be in the running for League MVP. Wenz will finish with 27 Receiving Touchdowns, 23 Throwing Touchdowns and five more Touchdowns coming on Defense or Special Teams.

Other News and Notes: All three members of this team are in the XOFL Hall of Fame and all have experienced the atmosphere of an XOFL Cereal Bowl...Joe Byrne is attempting to become the first ever player to repeat as Champions

Record Prediction: 9-1, 1st in South Conference

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