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Xtreme Ogdensburg Football League 2005

Sabatello Case Coming to an End
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Ongoing Sabatello Case Coming to End
Speech Released Today, Now Plays Waiting Game...
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Nick Sabatello can't do anything else but sit and wait now, as his speech for fellow XOFL Members to base their decisions on, has been released.  In his lengthy, 10-paragraph speech, Sabatello gives multiple reasons why he would be a great asset to the league, yet must wait patiently as Commissioner Joe Byrne tallies all the votes.  The jury consists of all 20 players on the Teams page as of right now and Sabatello must receive 11 of the 20 Votes, and he officially becomes a member of "F-9".
              Commissioner Joe Byrne granted Nick Sabatello an oppurtunity to receive entry into the league by passing a league vote.  Sabatello prepared his speech the night after his meeting with the Commissioner, and released it a day later.  He must receive 11 out of 20 votes, and in the event of a 10-10 tie, Commissioner Joe Byrne will be picking out of a hat...Yes or No.  Although all verbal votes are unofficial, there have been 6 members as of right now who said they would allow Sabatello into the XOFL.  Also, 3 have denied Sabatello access, and 11 more are undecided. 
              The vote will most likely take place in the following days, if not sooner.   In his closing remarks just hours after releasing his speech, Sabatello stated, "There's not much more I can say.  I feel confident that i had a convincing speech, it's just up to the 20 players now.  I trust that they will use good judgement, and look into all the details surrounding this case.  If that happens, hopefully I'll be allowed to play the game that I love.  With that said i am still extremely nervous.  This is a once in a lifetime oppertunity.  If the vote comes down to a tie, I dont' know what I'm gonna do.  Hopefully we won't have to worry about that and have a majority vote.  I'm looking forward to putting this controvery to an end, and we can all go on with what really matters in the XOFL and thats what happends on the field."

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