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Joe Byrne
Nick Sabatello
Trash Talking
Sunday, June 5, 2005

Now Playing: Rangers win 1st Ever Sectional Title
Hamburg- Bobby Gagg and Tommy Babcock of the Blue Barracudas led the Rangers (27-4) to a 1-0 victory over the Pequannock Panthers (23-6) in their 1st Ever Sectional Title in front of 500 strong at Harold Sisco field in Hamburg on Friday. Gagg (10-1) earned the victory while striking out 8 batters including Ryan Slootmaker 3 times, and not yielding a single walk. Slootmaker, who was quoted saying "The way we are feeling right now, anyone who is willing to throw against us, good luck" was 0-3 and was fanned 3 times by Bobby Gagg. Other than Gagg, the key player in the game was Tommy Babcock, Tommy threw Justin Bencsko out at the plate while the score was still tied at 0. "When I released it, I knew it had a chance. Cody is a bull behind th plate, so once he caught it there was no way he wasn't making the play." In the 6th inning, Minard Houghtaling started the Ranger rally with a double and Matt Joyce came in to run for him. Joyce advanced to third on a passed ball and then Tommy Babcock drove him in with an opposite field single. "This is incredible," Tommy said "It's the best game of my life and I'm glad it came in such a big situation." The Rangers took the field in the 7th knowing they were 3 outs away from The Sectional Title. The final batter of the game, Ryan Slootmaker, struck out on a sizzling fastball by Bobby Gagg. The Rangers will face Rutherford, the defending Group 2 Champions, on Tuesday in the State Semis at William Patterson University.

Posted by JJ Conrad at 1:17 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 11:51 PM EDT
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Power Rangers triumph over Pompton Lakes led by XOFL's Wenz
Now Playing: Wenz K's 10, Team earns 1st ever State Sectional Finals appearance
HARDYSTON- From the first snap on his curveball you knew something special was going to happen. Tyler Wenz dominated the Pompton Lakes offense and The Wallkill Valley Rangers triuphed 8-4 earning their first ever appearance to the State Sectional Finals. Wenz, of Ferdinand Magellan, earned the victory while striking out 10 and walking only 1 to go 7-1 on the season. Once again, Wenz, and other XOFL Players were on top of their game, proving that XOFL Players are some of the best atheletes in the county. Tommy Babcock, Steve Simmons, Tyler Wenz, and Gil Tussey have all played huge roles for us this season and it's good the XOFL has such talented and athletic players." Tommy Babcock of The Blue Barracudas set the table for the Ranger offense with a sac fly and a triple. Steve Simmons of The League Champs played a solid game both in the field and at the plate, Simmons had a key double that scored Minard Houghtaling. The Rangers(26-4)ranked 19th in the state, will face Pequannock (8th in the state) in the Group 2 North 1 Finals at Harold Sisco Field in Hardyston. Simmons feels confident about the game stating,"Pequannock has been one of the hottest teams in the state right now, but we have our Ace Bobby Gagg throwing and we are pretty confident and it should be one of the best atmospheres that I have ever played in." The Rangers met Pequannock and defeated them 4-2 back in April led by an extraordinary pitching performance by Gil Tussey of The Cudas.

Posted by JJ Conrad at 9:47 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 11:49 PM EDT
Saturday, May 28, 2005
XOFL players
XOFL Players Steve Simmons, Tyler Wenz, Tom Babcock, and Gil Tussey were all involved in Wallkill Valley's 12-7 Victory over Tenafly in The State Sectional Quarterfinals. Tussey, of the Blue Barracudas was the starting pitcher and earned the win to go (7-0) for the season. Wenz, of Ferdinand Magellan relieved him in the 5th inning and pitched scorless 6th and 7th innings. On the other side of the 60 feet and 6 inches, Steve Simmons of The League Champs was 3 for 3 in the game and had a key double to spark a Wallkill rally. Blue Barracuda's WR Tommy Babcock played stellar D and was the catalyst for the Ranger offense. The Rangers will square off with Pompton Plains on Tuesday in The State semis at 4:00.

Posted by JJ Conrad at 4:00 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 11:50 PM EDT
Tuesday, May 3, 2005
Big Moves Shaking XOFL Outlook
Topic: Transactions
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Just a couple days now before opening day in the XOFL and teams are starting to make huge roster moves. Involved in the roster shuffling are La Policia, F-9, and the League Champs. It all started on April 30, when La Policia finalized negotiations with Free Agent Kevin Reidinger. Then the real fun began, as F-9 released semi-talented WR Xhevat Vukel. Vukel was quickly signed later that day by the League Champs, after they had received news that THEIR wide receiver, Jason Snover had retired. Finally, today with the signing of rookie free agent Dimitri Kockha, F-9 is definetly looking to become a major force in the North Conference this season. I think all 3 teams involved in the roster shuffling became better after the moves, as the League Champs signed a proven, capabale WR for QB Eric Burns to throw to, F-9 signed a more athletic type player in Dimitri Kockha, while La Policia seems to have a good XOFL team now with Bobby Lang, Kenny Martinez, and Kevin Reidinger.

If you didn't catch all those moves being made in that's a before and after of the 4 teams involved in roster changes in the past week:

BEFORE---------------- AFTER
La Policia:--------------- La Policia:
QB: Bobby Lang------------ QB: Bobby Lang
WR: Kenny Martinez-------- WR: Kenny Martinez
WR: Joe Sanflippo--------- WR: KEVIN REIDINGER

F-9:---------------------- F-9:

QB: Brian Saxton---------- QB: Brian Saxton
TE: Nick Sabatello-------- TE: Nick Sabatello
WR: Xhevat Vukel---------- WR: DIMITRI KOCHKA

League Champs:------------ League Champs:
QB: Eric Burns------------ QB: Eric Burns
WR: Steve Simmons--------- WR: Steve Simmons
WR: Jason Snover---------- WR: XHEVAT VUKEL

And Team Walmart released Jeremy Carter, and signed Dan Scoppetta, but everyone knows how bad Team Walmart is and I did not feel it was neccessary to add these transactions because this team has absolutely NO chance to win the Cereal Bowl this season....

Check back for more...
Countdown- 12 days

Posted by JJ Conrad at 6:31 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Byrne looks sharp all day
Topic: Joe Byrne
Ogdensburg, NJ-- Ferdinand Magellan member, Joe Byrne looked ready for the season to begin in Tuesday's exhibition games. Even without teammates Tyler Wenz and Ryan Egan in attendance yesterday, Byrne excelled as a sub for the La Policia, the British Gentlemen, and the Blue Baracudas. In three games yesterday, Byrne was 29 for 43 (67.4 Completion %), with 7 TD Passes and added a Touchdown Run as well. He only had 1 INT in 43 Pass Atttempts. Byrne even caught 8 balls on the day, 4 for Touchdowns from Bobby Lang in the first game of the day. On defense, Byrne picked off a pass, and added a sack as well. In the final game of the day, Byrne recovered an onside kick and returned it for a Touchdown.

Another notable performance was from Nick Sabatello, of F-9, who played in 4 of the 5 games yesterday. Sabatello caught 19 passes, 2nd most on the day, only behind Frank Elmuccio with 23. He had a TD Reception as well. On defense, he filled basically every stat cateogry there was throughout the day, with 1 Interception, 1 Sack, and he recovered a fumble. He even completed a TD Pass and threw 1 INT as well in his final game of the day.

Blue Baracudas WR Tommy Babcock looked quicker than ever in yesterdays game against F9. Babcock had 14 Receptions on the day, along with 5 Touchdown Receptions. He burned corners all day with Rocky Tironi throwing to him, as well as Joe Byrne in the later game. He could cause some real damage when Gilbert Tussey shows up, throwing 50 yard bombs to Babcock. I don't think there is a cornerback in the league that can stay with Babcock for an entire game.

La Policia rookie, Kenny Martinez impressed many with his play in 3 games. He caught 13 balls on the day, along with 2 Touchdown recetptions and even ran for a big touchdown right before halftime in the F-9 game, when he was subbing for Adam Bowlby. In that game, he was a ridiculous 21 for 29 (72.4 Completion %) with 3 TD Passes.

My early season Defensive Player of the Year pick came through yesterday, proving why I made that prediction. CB Travis Wenz, of the British Gentlemen, had 4 Interceptions yesterday in 2 games, returning 2 for Touchdowns.

Important Note: British Gentlemen QB, Adam Bowlby , did not show up yesterday because he went to the ZOO with his grandparents. That's pretty embarassing and you don't deserve to not get mentioned on the site and get made fun of for that. Don't let it happen again Adam.

Posted by JJ Conrad at 12:16 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 12:23 PM EDT
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Gotta Love the XOFL
Topic: Preseason
Ogdensburg, NJ-- It was about 2:00 when I arrived to Madison Drive, home of the XOFL. I was a little late and missed Game 1 of a five game day, but I arrived just in time for the highlight of the day. This is what the XOFL is all about. After Joe Byrne, who was subbing for Adam Bowlby, started off the game with an Interception, caught by Rog Guild, Team Walmart was the team with momentum over league favorites, the British Gentlemen. Jeremy Carter then followed with 2 incompletions, and then it happened. On a routine play, like any other play in the XOFL, Jeremy Carter dropped back on 3rd and 2 and lobbed one up for 6'1 WR Rocky Tironi to take a chance at. Tironi leaped to try and catch the pass surrounded by several defenders, but came down hard into a pile of both opponents and his own teammates. As soon as he hit the ground, failing to catch the pass, he was nailed in the face by his own teammate, Rog Guild. Tironi quickly laid out on the pavement, only to then find out his nose was pouring blood. After a steady flow of blood coming out of the nose for about 5 minutes, they finally decided to get him some paper towels. Tironi was forced to sit out a few plays in order to stop the bleeding, but Tironi re-entered the game only 3 series later. Bloody towels, blowing in the wind across the field, play went on. Tironi didn't make much of a difference once he was in against the British Gentlemen, in fact, he only caught 6 passes, and threw an interception, but he showed what the XOFL is all about. He came back into the game with the assistance of Travis Wenz helping him shove paper towels up his nose. When Wenz shoved one up his nose too far, Tironi responded with, "Thats enough! It doesn't need to go to my brain." Gotta love the XOFL

Posted by JJ Conrad at 11:23 PM EDT
Thursday, April 21, 2005
XOFL Heating Up
Topic: Trash Talking
April 21-- Four team previews are over and done with and the league seems to be getting much hype. Seems to me like QB Gilbert Tussey, of the Blue Baracudas, is sure talking a lot of trash lately about the XOFL teams and players, but what do I care, I'm just a writer.

Tussey has taken shots at the playmaking WR Frank Elmuccio, of the British Gentlemen, stating "He's a pretty boy that needs to pick whether he is a chick or a guy" and "He plays soccer too, so that's not saying much for him." These words are making the Week 3 matchup of Blue Baracudas vs. British Gentlemen one of the most intriguing games of the season. Tussey has also made comments on QB Adam Bowlby, stating, "Quarterback could be a problem with them though, because none of them really have a rifle," in the British Gentlemen's Season Preview. In the past two seasons, Bowlby has clearly solidified his status as a top QB in the league.

I think this kind of talk is good for the league, and I'm sure will make for an intense game in Week 3. Frank Elmuccio has already called Tussey a "Hooligan", that he's "Got Nothin." He also stated that "His (Tussey's) team is going no where." Tussey has been a foreigner to the XOFL and has never seen the British Gents' in action. What he doesn't know is that Bowlby-to-Elmuccio is one of the greatest tandems in XOFL History and this could be a record-breaking year for the dangerous duo.

I think these little outbreaks of XOFL Trash Talk is good for the league, making the games more intense and better for the fans. Be sure to check back daily for more articles pertaining to trash taslking as well as other storylines in the XOFL.

Thats it for now...

Posted by JJ Conrad at 10:43 PM EDT
Sunday, April 17, 2005
Ongoing Controversey Heads North for Sabatello
Topic: Nick Sabatello
I have just received notice that the "Nick Sabatello" Rule has taken a turn for the better. Commissioner Joe Byrne has granted Nick Sabatello a league vote, which will take place in the coming days. Earlier today, Joe Byrne was stubborn, stating in a meeting with Sabatello,"I made my decision already. I can't allow you. I have already been asked by other seniors and turned them down, if I let you in I have to let eveyone else in." During the meeting which took place early today, Byrne stated a number of times that since other seniors, such as Cody Herbert and Mark Castiglione, have asked to join the league..he can not let Sabatello in.

I think this is ridiculous because Nick Sabatello is NOT Mark Castiglione. Mark Castiglione would DOMINATE the XOFL, as would Cody Herbert because he's a freak of nature. Imagine ROG GUILD trying to stay with Mark Castiglione with one on one coverage....or better yet, Jeremy Carter on Cody Herbert man to man... These would be impossible matchups for most XOFL members. However, Nick Sabatello has average speed at best, ranking him right among the rest of the XOFL players.

However, later in the day, Joe Byrne lightened up and granted Nick Sabatello one day to write an speech for the rest of the league to see before making their vote on whether or not Sabatello should be allowed to enter the league. Commissioner Joe Byrne believes that if he lets Sabatello in, the whole world is going to want to join, when all I have heard are names like Cody Herbert and Mark Castiglione. Once again, Herbert and Castiglione would DOMINATE the rest of the field...maybe Joe Byrne should consider any senior NOT with a varsity letter should be considered in the XOFL, hell...any person who hasn't even PARTICIPATED in a high school sport in his four year tenure. The kid just wants to play football for fun, have the glory and fame of being on this beautiful website, and most of all is willing to attend and help out doing whatever needed. He practically begged me for an article spot on the OWBL Website a few years back, and dedicated his life towards it, probably even leading him to fail pathetic Algebra 1B. You would be crushing a kid's dreams by not voting YES for Nick Sabatello...Just let the kid play some football...


Posted by JJ Conrad at 12:04 AM EDT
Friday, April 15, 2005
XOFL Opening Thoughts- -
April 15, 2005--

With the last day of XOFL Signups coming up soon, the league is beginning to take shape, with 6 or 7 teams already set and ready to go for the new XOFL Season. I don't know about you, but this new season is going to like no other XOFL season. For the first time ever, there will be two coferences with teams with players consisting of members from outside of Odgensburg. Also, there will be a 16 game schedule, similar to the NFL, as you will be playing each team in your conference two times each.
I don't know about the rest of the league, but I am pumped for this XOFL Combine coming up on May 7th. Captains around the league will know the speed, strength, and abilities of their players well before the season begins this year. 40 times, vertical leaps, throwing competitions, and more will help gauge the rosters this season and give many of us a good idea of how the season will look to play out.
I know it's still about a month away before the Opening Day for this new season... but it's never to early to make Preseason Predictions on the league awards this season...

MVP- Tyler Wenz, QB-WR: He's in the running for this award every season and for good reason. The league has not caught up to Wenz yet, as he still proves to be the smartest and most knowlegable player on the field at all times. His versality also make him a key contender for the award.
(Watch out for: Adam Bowlby, Travis Wenz)

Offensive Player of the Year- Adam Bowlby, QB: He seemed to be extremely comfortable in the pocket with only one WR a few seasons back, when teamed up with Frank Elmuccio. The addition of Travis Wenz to Bowlby's arsenal should key his Offensive Player of the Year move.
(Watch out for: Tyler Wenz, Joe Byrne)

Defensive Player of the Year- Travis Wenz, CB: Wenz always seemed to be in the right place at the right time in previous seasons, especially when his team needed a big play. Wenz has a knack for picking off opposing QB's and should have plenty of INT's this season.
(Watch out for: Nick Selepouchin, Jeremy Carter)

Special Teams Player of the Year- Tyler Wenz, KR: Wenz is always around the ball in these situations and sees the field well during the kickoffs. He may break a couple of runs this season and help boost his team in a keey situation in a game.
(Watch out for: Travis Wenz, Tommy Babcock)

League Champs: British Gentlemen- I can't see a team with Bowlby at QB and WR Frank Elmuccio and Travis Wenz being able to contain this team. If Bowlby can step up as he did in past seasons, this team should not be stopped on offense, and Wenz will need to lead the team on defense.

Disappointing Team of the Year: TLA (Pospiech, Selepuchin, Palecek)- I've been completely wrong once before in this category, but I don't see this team, consisting of all Hardyston members, being able to compete with the Ogdesnburg teams. There is NO XOFL experience among any of these 3 players and I think this season will be a learning experience for this team.

That's it for now...
Be Sure to check back daily for new blogs

Posted by JJ Conrad at 9:23 PM EDT

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